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Mark Hughes 

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Mark Hughes wrote the book on real estate branding. Quite literally: he has two books and a workbook series on Amazon about agent branding and positioning yourself as the target market expert of choice and the agent first in mind. Mark is an experienced industry straight shooter that buyers, sellers, and real estate sales people like, trust and believe. He has helped thousands of clients and agents with one of the most important decisions of their lives: choosing the perfect home or the right real estate company to represent. He has focused his career on the removal of friction from the home buying and selling process. His leadership allows everyone in the process to concentrate on what is important, and that is finding their nook.

With just under half a billion in career sales, Mark has seen and done it all in the industry. His journey began growing up in Delaware, staring out the window of his 3rd floor childhood room, drawing plans and houses, envisioning a future around the concept of home. Mark enjoyed the seasons growing up, along with the history and travelability that the mid atlantic seaboard offered a young inquisitive mind. He then earned his real estate license straight out of college in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Since then, Mark’s expertise has spanned seven states: a top producer in Florida for a decade in the early 2000’s, ranking in the top 1% of agents worldwide; as owner, broker, and manager of a Sotheby’s affiliate in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland; COO of California’s largest Independent Real Estate Brokerage; President of Windermere Real Estate in Southern California and a California District Manager for Coldwell Banker. Mark remains an active participant in his local, regional and national boards of realtors. He knows a healthy market means renting and ownership opportunities for all and thus continues to assist the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission in their mission to find homes for the homeless.

Mark and his wife currently reside just a few hours from their grown children in LA, in a mid century modern home in Indian Wells, California, the epitome of a Nook neighborhood. Built in the early 60’s, the homes exemplify the forward thinking use of glass, brick and flow to create open and easy living within the walled confines and generous use of green space, common walkways, and water features. He also prioritized making it a smart home, creating an efficient lifestyle, which subliminally creates more time to focus on the things that truly matter. For Mark, those things are family, staying fit, learning and producing real estate industry value.

Mark has been acutely aware of how people and their relationships to their homes continues to change, and he works hard to help the industry adjust accordingly in style and process. The opportunity to continue his work in easing the sales and marketing process through the Nook Real Estate experience was too good to pass up. After acting as a sounding board for Nook leadership over its first 2 years, Mark became president in early 2018. He is adept at less is more messaging and passionate about efficient, smart, comfortable, walkable, attainable lifestyling. Nook’s celebration of curated cool progressive lifestyles, coupled with its agent productivity platform of sales tools and strategies makes a typically noisy disconnected process into an aligned and easy process for buyers, sellers and agents alike.

Mark coaches Nook agents in three critical lead generating farming disciplines; sphere of influence, geographic farms, and style farming. Style farms are unique to Nook and one of the most impactful for consistently setting agents apart as the target market experts of choice. Nook’s farming programs are automated which frees agents up to focus on staying in the flow with prospects and clients. Consistent value-added outreach keeps Nook agents relevant and first in mind.

Q. Why are you passionate about real estate?
A. Nook exemplifies everything I love about real estate. One of life’s true joys is finding your Nook: your safe, peaceful, comfortable, dependable spot. That is how we look at real estate: helping different people with a multitude of ideas as to what that perfect spot or space is; to find it, enjoy it and curate their own lifestyle in and around it. We assist in helping people search for, market, buy and sell “home”.

Q. What's your favorite room in your house and why?
A. I have a reading nook off the living room with a view outside. That spot is what I think of when I think of relaxing, reflection, peace, safety and happiness. We want to help everyone find that spot.

Q. If you could change one thing about how real estate is transacted today, what would it be and why?
A. I am very interested in the introduction of blockchain into the escrow and title process. The industry is now in the hands of a generation that understands the efficiency of digital dynamics and how to apply it exponentially to an outdated linear system of recording and tracking our limited resource of land and property. We have already solved much harder problems with big data and it is time to streamline the home buying and selling process as it relates to the storage and timely dissemination of property ownership. We can leverage the same dynamics driving cryptocurrencies to reduce transaction times by weeks. Utilizing new redundant digital ledgers for better recording and issuance deeds and titles would be an amazing step for our business.

Q. What's your favorite architectural style for homes and why?
A. My favorite homes, although I have only owned one, are log homes. I like fireplaces, usually the centerpiece of most log homes, and I love the vibe of natural wood surroundings. My dream is to eventually own a cabin, on a lake, in the mountains. I am happiest with books, time, family and the outdoors.. My goal is to have that spot for retirement after changing the real estate industry for the better through Nook.

CalRE# 01930200