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Jeanne Howell 

Palm Beach Sales Expert
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Jeanne Howell has followed her passion to build and design her own space since the age of 6, when she clothespinned blankets and sheets to make a home complete with functioning front door for her own play space. Revising the purpose of that space to fit changing needs throughout her youth. she recognized the power of space to hold an emotional component to be experienced, enjoyed and remembered, bringing that into her passion for real estate. It was while merging her talents and collaboration with others for a successful home buying or selling process that Jeanne realized real estate is her calling.

Jeanne’s knowledge, history and skills have successfully integrated and updated with all trends and research. Beginning with corporate relocation in the 1980’s to personal investment/building and remodeling, Jeanne successfully flipped homes from 1990 and well into 2005. She became a Realtor in 2004, selling her first public open house in one day for a top producer and quickly moving up the ranks to manage three offices until 2011. Her successful staging business spans three states to date, which means she still flies back to Denver, Florida and Connecticut to stage for realtors. Part of her staging appeal lies in how Jeanne quickly and effectively evaluates how to target specific buyers through style, design and impeccable first impressions.

Her instincts for staging and marketing can often reinvent a property that’s been on the market for years. Some of her top success stories include a Watson Home in Greenwich on the market for 5 years with Sothebys: under Jeanne’s seasoned eye, renovations and stylish staging allowed it to sell at the same price to a move in couple from Dubai. Another dated home in New Canaan had a reputation as “that ugly green wallpaper house,” stagnant on the market for 5 years. With some renovations, staging and new photos, Jeanne completely changed the buyer base, selling it in one day to buyers from London. Even 8 years isn’t too long for her to turn around a home’s chances; 21 acres of a Vermont property had been neglected and on the market with no hope before Jeanne stage, re-marketed the home with new photos and a video to sell it within 3 months.

It’s this high quality approach and level of expertise that drew Jeanne to join the team of Nook Curators. She believes that the normal search is tedious, time consuming, and does not truly allow you to narrow down the search but instead increases the options by adding too many pictures and copy. In her first experience on the Nook website, she was able to learn everything she needed about a new neighborhood and Victorian home to talk intelligently about the market with an agent in a very short amount of time. Jeanne looks forward to combining her passion and vision with Nook’s marketing and exposure that smartly targets and brings in the real buyers interested in every property.

Q: If you could have a second home, where would it be and why?

A: Southern Fairfield County, CT the towns of Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan (4th generation), Stamford, Norwalk and Westport.

Q: What is your favorite room in your home and why?
A: Family Room. The ever changing room that can meet your needs anytime day or night. TV, Computer, eat, drink, games, pullout bed, entertaining kids/adults, holidays, connected to a kitchen/outdoor patio lets this room increase it boundaries. An emotional and physical connection happens in this room with no age limit, number of people or singular purpose. What other room hosts multi-events with no limits at the same time?

Q: What's your favorite architectural style for homes and why?
A: I have favorites. Begins with homes built in the late 1800’s - Architecturally built and designed by craftsman and materials from around the world and my love of history, the era, and how the people lived in those homes. I purchased Robert Ludlum's home in Westport when it was a neglected and sad place. My joy was to restore and sell it. The 1920-30’s is another favorite - a period of history to make homes efficient and more affordable for the masses. Architecturally, I love arched doorways, sleeping porches, breakfast nook, tudor, cottage, the California Bungalow and the Modern home. My inspiration travels from Connecticut to Denver. The Harvard 5 architects and industrial designers settled in my home town, New Canaan, and became my favorite while I was managing an office there. I assisted my agent's listing on one of these homes and fell in love. Hence, this summer while visiting my daughter and family I will be using the Eliot Noyes home built in the 50’s.

Q: What excited you the most about your Nook Neighborhoods?
A: No one offers neighborhoods and styles uccessfully or accurately except what I have seen on Nook. The normal search is tedious, time consuming,
does not allow you to narrow down the search but instead increases the options by adding too many pictures and copy mainly written by the different styles and viewpoints of the agents. Agents whose primary speciality is
selling normally are not gifted with targeting a buyer etc through printed words and pictures on multiple ever-changing social media. With all that information, the accuracy is jeopardized. For the first time, I went on a Nook
site and visited California, and within a very short period of time, found a Victorian neighborhood, prices and details without stepping foot in the state or speaking to an agent. I was informed enough to be able as a buyer or seller to speak with an agent with some sort of understanding of the market and my needs.

CalRE# SL3331067