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You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Architect-designed Furniture Line Before

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 at 10:05am.

If the idea of assembling a piece of furniture gives you chills, then you’ll love this innovative furniture collection. The new, Model 19 flat-pack furniture line by Nomad London was designed specifically with environmentally-conscious city dwellers in mind. 

Before we get into the genius of the line, though, it’s important to know the genius behind it. London architect Henning Stummel studied architecture and urbanism at ETH Zurich and Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, two schools that remain heavily influenced by the form-follows-function ideology of the Bauhaus movement. Henning opened his own practice, Henning Stummel Architects, where he applied Bauhaus ideology to many architectural designs before foraying into furniture design with Nomad London. 

True to Bauhaus form, all of Nomad London’s furniture puts function at the forefront of its design. Made from plywood, the furniture is assembled without glue, screws, or tools, allowing you to piece it together through slots and grooves in minutes. But even though the brand prioritizes function, it definitely doesn’t skimp on form. The sleek, contemporary designs are as beautiful as they are functional, with timeless silhouettes and hues that will look great in any number of aesthetics for decades to come. 

According to Stummel, “I set about working out how to make a simple, strong, and durable sofa frame that could be slotted and assembled together — no screws, no glue, no tools — using one regular sheet of birch ply, absolutely minimizing waste.” 

The practical, attractive, and environmentally-friendly brand gained incredible steam among buyers, leading Nomad London to elevate it further with its new Model 19 collection. “After the huge success of our Nomad sofa and armchair launched last year, we wanted to produce a lighter, more resilient, more compact and altogether more nomadic piece,” said Stummel. 

Model 19 retains the handsome structural silhouettes that made the brand popular while using an innovative flat-pack design that makes it easier than ever to disassemble and move whenever necessary. Describing the line, Stummel said, “As before, each chair is made of five pieces that simply slot together. All larger parts have neat horizontal holes — these are convenient handles that make it really easy to pick up and move a chair around. In the dismantled state, these carry holes neatly line up so that all components can be picked up in one hand.” 

Beautiful, sustainable, and can be assembled in literal minutes? Sign us up. The collection includes a chair, sofa, stool, children’s chair, and optional corduroy upholstery in three retro hues: Mustard Yellow, Burnt Orange, and Teal Blue. Each plywood product also comes in three different finishes so it’s easy to find the perfect one for your space. Oh, and with the sofa starting at £480, or around $620, the collection is also incredibly affordable. Check out the goods below. 


Chair 2019

Architectural Geometric Bauhaus Style Chair


Sofa 2019

Architectural Geometric Bauhaus Style Sofa


Stool 2019

Architectural Geometric Bauhaus Stool


Children’s Chair 2019

Architectural Geometric Bauhaus Children's Chair

All images sourced from nomad.london


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