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Benefits to Living in a Bike Friendly Nook

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 at 3:19pm.

Beautiful bike trails are always a highlight when searching for a new neighborhood. If there's a place near your home to safely ride your bike surrounded by a soothing nature trail, or even ride to a locally owned coffee shop, that's a fantastic feature.

There are more benefits to living near bike trails that might be obvious, even if you're not a cyclist yourself. Beyond the trails, many cities are rebuilding to include bike lanes, inviting cyclists rather than shunning or trying to ignore them. They've found many benefits to this inclusion, some planned and some not.

  • The more that bike lanes are tried and improved upon, the better an area’s infrastructure in general, studies have shown. When space usually reserved for cars is expanded to other modes of transportation, pedestrians feel safer and cars have more space to turn. The adjustment period can be tricky, but manageable with good communications in a community.

  • Bikes bring business. It's just a fact. Allow more people easier access to your small downtown or business district and they go more often and thus spend more money.

  • Bikes bring people together. What's the good of a Farmer's Market if you can't find parking, or need to haul your fresh groceries to a parking spot that's further away than your home? With bike lanes and places to lock them, the decision to stay and get to know your neighbors is a simple one.

  • Cars are a pain in the neck sometimes. As someone who grew up around great public transportation, I have a love/hate relationship with my car. The convenience and autonomy of owning one is a huge perk, yet I'd love to shape my life around a “car-light” lifestyle. And a lot of first time home buyers combine their transportation options rather than relying on one mode.

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