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We Pick Our Favorite Romantic Styles for Valentine’s Day

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 at 2:08pm.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re wondering what makes a home romantic? For some, it’s the person, people or pets who share the house with you. For others, their first home holds the most special place in their heart just because it was their first. Setting sometimes creates that picturesque and ideal feeling that homeowners find romantic, or a special kind of neighborhood. If you live in Long Beach, those breathtaking views of The Queen Mary can create both an inspiring and romantic mood.

Here at Nook, we Search and Sell With Style©, market with style, and work with our Real Estate Experts in a very unique style. Everything we do centers around architectural styles, so of course we want to approach Valentine’s Day from that vantage point.

We’ll start with the traditional Romantic Style, when colonial America embraced older, classical styles to break away from their very British roots. This architecture included Greek Revival, Gothic Revival and Italianate. And so a tradition of gabled roofs and entryways framed the very symmetric, bold and decorative details that typify Greek Revival came onto the American scene from 1825-1860, overlapping in 1840 with a centered gable look and asymmetrical floor plan, plus adornments such as grouped chimneys, parapets, pinnacles and clover shaped windows to pay homage to the Gothic Revival period. At the same time, Italianate features came into vogue with the slim townhouse, towered look, centered gables and hipped roofs. But these homes are named “Romantic” more for the nostalgia of the classical world they conveyed at that time, not for any real feeling you get from them. Some aspects of Italianate come close, but otherwise the so-called Romantic Styles need candlelit dinners inside to live up to their name.

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you probably already figured out that we love the mid century modern style. If love equals romance and romance equals happiness, then there’s no better way to sustain that happiness than surrounded by natural light, seeping through colorful curtains or allowing easy access to your backyard to help you foster a connection with nature. Clean lines and simple shapes keep you focused on the important parts of your life and won’t let you clutter up emotional or physical spaces with unnecessary items, leaving lots of room for love.

If you appreciate the modern style but it doesn’t suit your lifestyle, a more decorative exterior along the lines of the Storybook Style may be your thing. Sharply gabled roofs with an exterior combination of stucco and wood, this style stems from a Hollywood design known as Provincial Realism. Just imagine every home you’ve seen in a romantic comedy: wrought iron embellishments and stained glass are also giveaways for the Storybook Style. If you love the nook of Carmel-by-the-Sea, you can always delve even further and live in an honest to goodness fairy tale home. These Storybook Styles speak directly to a residual romantic feeling thanks to the fairy tales of our youth. Do perfectly romantic cottages exist or are they only in films and our dreams? You’ll just have to Search With Style© to find out!

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