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'Tis the Season to Give Modern

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Friday, December 15th, 2017 at 10:30am.

The modern aesthetic is everywhere, and there’s no need to separate your favorite architectural style from your gift giving. In fact, it’s the best way to spread the style to your friends!

We already brought you the best of modern artisan Etsy gifts, and today you’ll find elegant choices in modern holiday gifts from around the web.  

  • This Modern home craft kit is a great gift for a budding architect, aged six and up. Talk to them about style, decor, and comfort while they choose the wallpaper and paint wooden pieces of furniture. Be sure to let the child’s imagination go where it wants to go, though; even young Eichlers must make a lot of mistakes before finding their way!

  • Now you can give that treasured experience of MOMA as a gift. Their kitchen decor offers endless fun, and thanks to you, your friend who hosts the best dinner parties will always have the plates to match. Skateboards, book lamps, Ottomans, colorful glove cabinets...once you start shopping from here, you will be invited to all of the housewarming parties.

  • Understatement is key for the modern lifestyle. Industry West offers a varied selection of stylish opportunities to match that design aesthetic you love so much. From minimalist prints to light bulb desk lamps, this is the place to ensure not one object in a home looks out of place.

  • Wear the Guggenheim on your wrist. On one level, Pico Design’s bracelet simply makes a bold statement, and then you catch a dinner guest who sees it for what it is, and you share a knowing look across the table. Voila! You have an instant connection and conversation piece. Comes in SIlver/Brass or Silver/Oxidized.

Now that you’ve chosen all the decor, Search With Style© to find that modern home to match!

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