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This New Smart Bird Feeder Provides Endless Entertainment and Education

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 at 10:05am.

From pandemics to climate change to the everyday struggle of keeping up with your inbox, there’s no denying that the world can feel pretty overwhelming at times. Fortunately, one of the best antidotes to that overwhelm is as simple as stepping outside. 

Nature has the unique ability to ground, rejuvenate, and revive even the most world-weary among us, offering a simple reminder of just how beautiful the planet can be. And this new smart bird feeder is a great way to capture it, instantly turning anyone’s backyard into a National Geographic photoshoot.  

Bird Buddy is a new smart bird feeder that allows you to make bite-sized connections with nature any time, anywhere. The feeder connects to an app on your phone, which will instantly notify you whenever a bird stops by the feeder for a snack. The notification will take you to a live feed of your new bird friend enjoying his meal, offering a close-up shot that you can capture in a photo or simply enjoy viewing live.

my bird buddy smart birdfeeder app

The feeder not only allows you to view and capture would-be fleeting moments of beautiful birds, but it also teaches you about them. Equipped with artificial intelligence, the app can identify the birds that pay your feeder a visit, instantly adding new ones to your own personal library so you can learn about all of the diverse bird visitors to your yard. And the feeder doesn’t even need to see your bird to identify it; with its built-in microphone, Bird Buddy can identify an approaching bird from its song. 

smart birdfeeder

Once the feeder adds a bird to your mobile library, you can click on it to learn about what types of food it likes, its typical habitat, and ways that you can attract more of them. In addition to helping you learn more about your bird friends, your feeder will also contribute data to the very first open source database of bird populations, which can be used to support all types of birds around the world. 

Plus, the feeder itself is all kinds of cute, featuring a minimal, streamlined design that will look great in any backyard. You can also choose from a variety of mounts, such as a fence mount, which is great for balconies and porches, or a wall mount, which you can secure right to your house.

The feeder is currently on Kickstarter and set to be released in September of 2021. But those who order it now will get 20-30% off of its retail price, so it’s definitely worth investing in it early. Learn more about the Bird Buddy Kickstarter and anything else you want to know about this innovative feeder here.

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