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This New Luxury Storage Furniture Line Will Make Spring Organizing a Breeze

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 11:05am.

With spring just around the corner, many of us are looking to refresh our abodes for a new season. One of the primary obstacles that we often face when tasked with seasonal interior updates is a lack of storage. After all, few things cramp an interior style more than the clutter and chaos that can result from inadequate storage space.

Well, high-end furniture design company, Henrybuilt, wants to help you with all of your storage woes with its new line of furniture, featuring sneaky, high-design storage solutions. 

Dubbed Primary Objects, the collection comprises more than 50 pieces of elevated furniture that combine sleek, minimal design with abundant storage opportunities. The line offers everything from gorgeous kitchen islands to armoires to jewel-toned ottoman, all of which are just as beautiful and well-built as they are functional. 

The pieces are definitely a big splurge, but their stunning design will last a lifetime. And even if you're unable to invest in one of these pieces, just looking at them offers plenty of storage inspiration that you can apply to your own interior. We highlight a few of our favorite pieces from the collection below. 


Bake Off

Kitchen Island with Storage

This kitchen island is much more than an island. It also features a bar ledge on one side, perfect for tucking stools underneath, and a variety of drawers customized for specific purposes, such as a knife-block drawer, a spice rack drawer, and a silverware drawer complete with expertly-cut indentations for each piece. Additionally, it comes with cross-rail and magnetic dividers and a set of three custom cutting boards that seamlessly disappear into the island. 



Wood and Steel Dresser with Storage

Comprised of your choice of walnut or oak, this stunner is definitely not your ordinary dresser. The piece sits on a minimal steel base and features details inspired by the fireplace hardware of Marie Antoinette. It comes with a massive bottom drawer with accompanying fabric wardrobe boxes for high-style organization and a top drawer lined with premium leather, providing easy access to sunglasses and other accessories.



Minimalist Linen Closet Armoire with Storage

This armoire features a simple, streamlined exterior and a custom, compartmentalized interior that allows it to work just as well as a linen closet or pantry as a wardrobe. The piece features solid wood drawers, leather pockets, and a bookshelf. Plus, it's accessorized with the brand’s interchangeable fitting system, Opencase, which allows for future adaptability, depending on your needs. 



Sleek Pantry with Storage and Rollout Drawers

Named after a 1998 novel about a treasure hunt, Riptide is the ultimate pantry. The pared-back design will neatly hide and organize all of your pantry items with its four roll-out drawers, adjustable shelves, and back-of-door storage. The piece also comes with a vertical bar block down the middle, ideal for storing all of your cocktail ingredients and accouterments. 


Color Box Bar

Floating Bar with Wine Racks

The aptly-named Color Box Bar offers everything you need to make the perfect drink in a beautiful floating design. It comes with several of the brand’s aforementioned Opencase accessories, including Paperstone wine racks, leather pouches, and a utility bar that can be rearranged to suit individual needs. It can also be customized with a wide range of materials and hues to fit any aesthetic.


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