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These Prefab Homes Take Green Living to the Next Level

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 at 10:05am.

Source: tallerescape.com

Prefabricated homes have long added affordability and convenience to the architectural landscape of the U.S., allowing residents to live virtually anywhere for a fraction of the price of a traditional house. In addition to being convenient and affordable, prefab homes also have the potential to be among the most environmentally-friendly on the market--just ask Mexico City-based firm STUDIOROCA. 

STUDIOROCA is taking prefab homes to new, more sustainable heights with its prefabricated housing system dubbed VMD (Vivienda Minima de Descanso). Developed by architects Rodrigo Alegre and Carlos Acosta, VMD homes are designed to have a small ecological footprint and far more customization options than typical prefab homes.  

Prefab Green Home Living Room

Pre-Fabricated Green Home

Available in one- and two-bedroom options, you can order the house online and customize several different features, including the flooring, bathroom finishes, countertops, and walls. And while custom prefab homes are innovative in and of themselves, the most impressive aspect of these homes is their commitment to sustainability. 

The houses' exteriors are made from shipping containers clad in Viroc, which creates a non-toxic facade that’s resistant to fire and water damage. Meanwhile, the interiors are outfitted with eco-friendly materials and appliances, such as 33%-recycled floors and low-flow bathroom fixtures. You’ll also find thermal and acoustic insulation, which helps to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year. 

Pre-Fab Green Home

Prefab Green Home Bedroom

Still not enough sustainability for you? You can opt to make the homes almost completely self-reliant by choosing add-ons like energy-generating solar panels, rainwater-harvesting systems, and incinerating toilets, all of which reduce the home’s overall environmental impact. And because no home is complete these days without smart home technology, the VMDs also feature remote interior lighting and video surveillance capabilities, keeping your home safe while you're away.

After deciding on all of your home’s elements, you can buy it with the click of a button and expect to live in it within 99 days of purchase—the VMDs take just over three months to complete and only need an additional week for installation on the site. Speaking of sites, one of the many benefits of VMDs is that you can place them virtually anywhere that can be accessed by a large trailer and crane as they require minimal building permits and very little in the way of a foundation. To learn more and order your own VMD retreat, check out the VMD website.


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