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The Best Interior Trends to Come Out of Maison & Objet Paris 2020

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 at 10:05am.

All images courtesy of: @maisonetobjet

Twice a year, brands and designers from around the world gather in Paris for one of the most influential interior design and home decor trade shows on the globe, Maison & Objet. The event showcases the latest and greatest home designs from brands far and wide, featuring everything from furniture and textiles to decor and lighting. And while only design professionals can attend the event, the rest of us can delight in the trends that inevitably arise from it, and this year is no exception.

From sculptural vessels to modular furniture, these are the trends from Maison & Objet that you’re about to see everywhere in the coming seasons. 


Bold Colors

Bold and bright decor

One of the biggest through lines at the event was the pervasive use of color. But rather than the subtle neutrals and faded pastels that have been popular in recent seasons, there was a strong focus on bright, bold, and deeply saturated hues that range from Pantone’s Classic Blue to vibrant yellow, red, and green. These hues are a great way to instantly add personality to your space while eliminating the need for abundant decor to make a statement. 


Sumptuous Curves

Curved Furniture

It seems that the retro, curvy silhouettes that have been making waves in recent seasons aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Sumptuous curves graced everything from furniture to lighting and accessories, with brands like Eno Studio offering nothing but curvaceous goodness. Adding these fluid lines to an interior never fails to infuse it with compelling movement and welcoming warmth, elevating virtually any and every aesthetic.


Modular Furniture

Modular Furniture

Many brands at the event are seeking to give us more creative liberty over our interiors, with modular furniture making major appearances at the show. Not only do these types of pieces make it easy to move and adjust your furniture arrangements according to your whims, but they also allow you to add or remove pieces depending on whether you’re moving into a bigger abode or downsizing. 


Sculptural Vessels

Sculptural Vessels

Given their air-purifying, happy-making, aesthetic-enhancing abilities, our plant friends most definitely deserve proper presentation, and designers at the event seemed to agree. Brands such as Le Morandine showcased beautiful vessels that look a lot more like sculptural art than vases, with many of them rocking the aforementioned trends, like vibrant hues and curvilinear silhouettes. 


Decadent Velvet 

Velvet chairs

Another retro trend that’s shaping up to be huge in the coming seasons is luxe velvet furniture. The material pairs beautifully with the saturated colors and sumptuous curves found throughout the show, giving interiors a rich and decadent flare. And the beauty of velvet is that it’s versatile enough to grace a single statement piece or outfit your entire living room.


Organic Materials

Organic Materials and Botanicals

The event featured boundless furniture, decor, and lighting comprised of organic materials, like wood, cane, and rattan, in addition to a ton of plants. Botanicals and other organic materials invariably make a space feel softer and more inviting while packing it full of visual intrigue. And given our culture's increasing focus on sustainability, you can bet that incorporating this trend into your home will look fresh for years to come.


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