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Sustain the Style of Your Home with Our Five Storage Tips

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Friday, April 20th, 2018 at 11:47am.

I know I’m not the only one. I look at these beautiful homes - mid century modern, next century modern, lofts - and have to wonder: Where do they store all their stuff?

I know that simplicity is elegance, a clean look is a stylish one. I am very aware that the photos I see are usually staged, and perhaps cleared just before the professional swoops in to show just how majestic your potential new home looks without the random jacket here, or phone charging cable there.

I also know people who legitimately live in spaces as stunning and crisp as you’ll find when you Search With Style©. So how do they do it? I scoured the wilds of storage spaces to find just the right possibilities for you.

  • Option 1: Hide it. Sewing chairs bring a certain amount of cache to a corner in a well-designed home, and most vintage ones have storage inside the seat. That’s a perfect place to store bills, or magazines, or your great aunt’s secret diary to pull out when a party needs a pick me up. (I’m sure your parties never need pick me ups, of course, but it can’t hurt to have a secret diary handy.)

  • Option 2: Make it vintage clutter. You can stylishly celebrate a record collection for days as long as they look authentic. LPs also serve as amazing conversation starters.  Showcase a real working record player on one of the shelves for bonus points.

  • Option 3: Split it up. Have a shelf of books to store? Strategically place 5 or 6 on each shelf and pair it with a tiki, or crocheted butterfly in a frame, or succulent. Find yourself with an extra shelf? Just purchase a set of older books and odd bookends, and you’ve got yourself even higher cred.

  • Option 4: Store it under the bed. There may be nothing worse than a cluttered bedroom. If feng shui is still a thing people follow, then you know that how you treat the bedroom has lasting ramifications on the relationship within. In other words, don’t just stuff extra possessions in the drawers under there; make sure you have an orderly way to keep them separate and neat, or you may need a marriage counselor.  

  • Option 5: Make it blue! Or another lovely color. If you absolutely must have drawers where the contents aren't in full view, paint them extraordinary colors so it becomes about the piece itself and not what piles must lie inside of it.

I hope this helps you on your road to designing the perfect modern home, or at least seeing that with a little it could be possible for you!


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