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Sofia Joelsson Brings High Standards and Personal Luxury to Sojo Designs

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 at 12:34pm.

Here at Nook, we have a passion for people, places and properties. There is a reason that we say people first, for what makes a neighborhood special if not the people who live there? Welcome to #TastemakerTuesday, where we’ll feature the visionaries in our favorite nooks who are dedicated to building a better community through their talents.

Sofia Joelsson grew up in a small town in Sweden, working as an actress, model and winning the title of Miss Sweden before relocating to Miami to pursue her love of design. Joelsson’s international experience and eye for the perfect materials propelled her design firm to the heights of sophistication; they often serve clients in not only her new hometown of Miami, but also Monte Carlo, Manhattan, Dallas, New York and Los Angeles. Working in both high end residential and commercial properties, Sojo Designs often consults with private jets, international hotel and condominiums to create the perfect sensory experience for each client’s desired style. .

This full service interior design firm works very hands-on, integrating music into their design process to keep everyone on the same creative page. Part of their success also lies in self-imposed challenges to never settle and let the room speak to what it needs.

Much of Joelsson’s inspiration comes from The City of Miami itself. “The light in Miami is spectacular,” she said to Ocean Home Magazine. “I really study the light. It’s a major inspiration in every room I design, the different times of day and angles, and how the light washes into the room.” That foundation in the natural creates spaces which embrace their landscapes and uses organic shapes to frame every inch of every home, like the stunning Ocean Drive Penthouse in their portfolio. .

At a glance, each design could simply be the perfect magazine spread to explain what a style like Miami Modern means. Then you take a second look and realize that her client’s personality burst through a veneer of sophistication. It’s fun to peer into each interior, discovering those special details that epitomize her mission to prioritize vision while “setting an uncompromising standard that surpasses your expectations”. Joelsson and her exceptional team obviously love what they do, crafting each corner and chair to match the client.

She has another edge to her work too; sometimes modern designs look beautiful but don’t feel very comfortable in daily use. Joelsson and her team use their expertise to understand not just how a room should look but also how it should feel, both physically and the more ephemeral search for the right vibe. Their joyful obsession with textiles shines through the first impression and settles into a home or business’s longer lasting comfort level. Whether you only stay for a few nights in one of the many hotels they’ve designed, or create the dream luxury abode for your home life, Joelsson and Sojo Design should be your first stop.

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Photo Credit SofiaJoelsson.com



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