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Search for the Stars in the Small Town of Seal Beach

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Friday, July 7th, 2017 at 12:18pm.

Our Real Estate Experts learn so much about the neighborhoods where they specialize. Whether it’s the history, why it’s a great place to live, the architectural styles that give each neighborhood its own unique flavor, or just quirky reasons why you would want to buy a house there, we’re on it. #FactFactsFriday is a weekly series so we can share these pieces of neighborhood trivia with you.

  1. Named the 4th Friendliest City by Forbes in 2012. Part of the criteria for this honor is home ownership, which studies show are tied to neighborhood stability. Then they rated the charitable giving, college graduates and crime rates in Seal Beach. Forbes’s last step was to poll residents on NextDoor.com, a site that requires you prove your residency before joining. If Seal Beach can get through all of that scrutiny and get to #4, you know there’s something special there.

  2. Bogart’s Coffee hosts an Astronomy Star Party every month. There is a grassy area between the ocean and Main Street, where you’ll see a handful of telescopes pointed at the sky. Michael Beckage leads a small team of volunteers who offer up their high-powered telescopes for regulars and passer-bys to use, directly across from the coffee shop. Get on their mailing list to learn what you’ll see ahead of time, or just make it part of your Saturday night by the pier!

  3. They have a kite festival! For twenty years, Up Up and Away Kites has hosted a kite festival in October. They give away free kites to the first 100 kids to arrive, fly specialty kites and hold lessons for anyone in attendance. For a few years, it was run by the Japanese American Society (who has since moved their festival to Santa Monica). Now the family behind Up Up and Away Kites has taken their festival back, sponsored by O’Malley’s and the Seal Beach Lions Club.

  4. Speaking of O’Malley’s Pub, this old-timey locale was the filming location for American Pie 2, American Sniper and the 80s show Knight Rider. Though most of American Pie and American Pie 2 was filmed in Long Beach, Main Street serves as a stand-in for Michigan during the sequel. They use the pier and pub to replace San Diego in American Sniper, and owner Brian Kyle felt honored for Clint Eastwood to choose his place. Then there’s this photo of a Seal Beach police officer sneaking a picture with the famous K.I.T.T. during the filming of the iconic TV show Knight Rider. So sweet.  

  5. The City’s website is ridiculously useful. Maybe it’s because I’m a civics nerd; maybe it’s because so many other city’s websites are so hard to navigate that you feel like you’ll find The Goblin King at the end. Whether you need to pay a parking ticket, get a permit for a special event, or report a streetlight outage, they have the link ready for you. The user friendliness is something I appreciate, and you won’t find it in the larger cities, that’s for sure.

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*Image courtesy of CaliforniaBeaches.com



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