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Get A Better Night's Sleep With These Picks from IKEA’s 2020 Catalog

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 at 11:05am.

IKEA finally released their coveted 2020 catalog and it has one very specific theme: sleep. In a press release for the catalog, IKEA commercial manager Antonella Pucarelli said, “At IKEA, we believe you can’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. We know that everyone needs the physical and mental reset great sleep provides to feel our best and live our lives to the fullest—and that’s something everyone should be able to afford.”

“In our 2020 catalog, we’re on a mission to ’save our sleep’ by providing easy, affordable solutions to help sleep-deprived Americans get the fresh start they need.” And when it comes to sleep-deprived Americans, there are a lot us; in fact, the CDC reports that one-third of Americans regularly don’t get enough sleep. 

IKEA’s new catalog is addressing the American sleep problem through stylish and affordable sleep solutions, like blackout curtains, noise-muffling decor, and ergonomic pillows designed to keep you cool. 

So, if you’re ready to sleep better, and do it in style, check out our favorite sleep-centric picks from IKEA’s new catalog. 


KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic Pillow, $59.99

IKEA Ergonomic Pillow

A good night’s sleep most definitely starts with your pillow. This pillow features an ergonomic design in addition to memory foam topped with cooling gel to keep you comfortable and cool all night long. 


ODDLAUG Sound-Absorbing Panel, $29.99

IKEA Sound Absorbing Panel

If you find yourself unable to sleep due to noise from your neighbors or housemates, then invest in this affordable solution. The circular panel reduces background noise while its customizable pieces allow you to fill a blank wall with visual intrigue. 


SYMFONISK Table Lamp with WiFi Speaker, $179

IKEA Table Lamp with WiFi Speaker

Whether you’re soothed by calming music or the glow of warm light, this IKEA collaboration with speaker giant Sonos is a great addition to your nightstand. The speaker-light allows you to stream music over WiFi without being interrupted by notifications from your phone all the while emitting a warm, calming glow. 


MARJUN Blackout Curtains, $49.99

IKEA Blackout Curtains

Sometimes, the sun wakes up before you do, which can put a serious damper on getting enough hours of sleep. Unless, of course, you install these blackout curtains, which will keep the sun out of your room, allowing you to sleep in as late as your heart desires. 


SKOGSALM Duvet Cover and Pillowcases, $29.99+

IKEA Duvet Cover and Pillowcases

Not only will this stylish pillowcase and duvet set keep you comfortable each night, but it’s also good for your conscience. The fiber-dyed cotton comes from sustainable sources, so you can sleep soundly with it wrapped around you.


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