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Pillows, Family Rooms, Virtual Design: Rhiannon Gillis Designs it All For You

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 at 12:43pm.

I first met Rhiannon Gillis when she initiated a Meetup for Eastside Los Angeles “Mom-treprenuers,” creating a community of support that exists to this day. She followed her dream of creating an interior design firm where everyone feels comfortable, no matter their knowledge of design or budget. It’s been lovely to watch her business grow, now with a physical location in North East Los Angeles. Don’t get down if you’re not in the area though; she also provides virtual décor services. I was thrilled that she agreed to answer some questions for our site.

Amber & Honey Office

Nook: What's your philosophy behind Amber and Honey Design Co.?

Rhiannon Gillis: I firmly believe all people should love their home. I have worked with clients of all types, and I think it should be a luxury that more people are able to afford. If you don't want a nicely designed home that is just fine by me, but if you do, then I want Amber and Honey to help you get this in any way we can.

Nook: Is there an area of the home that is often neglected until people move?

RG: Bedrooms. Specifically Master Bedrooms. For some reason we all (I have been guilty of this myself) seem to think that we should spend the time and money on every room but our own bedrooms. We even make sure our kids have pretty little spaces, and they're never even in there. I think Master Bedrooms are not getting enough attention until it’s too late.

Nook: You just opened a physical space for your business! How did you approach the design for that?

RG: I really wanted it to be something that I could say represented myself and my firm as soon as you saw the space. It displays me aesthetic, my needs for function, and I think it's very inviting. At least I hope this is how it feels to others.  

Nook: What's your favorite room in a house?

RG: The Family Room. It’s the room where people spend the most time, and it's the room that should function as well as it looks. I mean if you don't have the functionality or planning down, the look is simply not important.

Nook: What's your favorite architectural style?

RG: This is a tough one. Being here in LA there are so many different styles of homes and I absolutely love it. I will say that because of the area I am in, I am a sucker for a beautifully designed Spanish home. Some of these places are just gorgeous. Everything from the tile accents, to the bright paint colors, I love them. Oh and those archways.  I can't forget about those.

Nook: What's something simple that people can do to freshen up a room?

RG: My go-to is adding pillows and/or art. These are the two elements that you can easily change out, and they truly show off your character and style. I think just swapping out your throw pillows for something new makes a world of difference. Or including art that means something to you could be done more often.

Let Rhiannon’s style inspire you right into one of these Spanish homes for sale!

Photos credit: Tiffany Luong


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