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Our Ten Top Tips for Moving Without Having a Nervous Breakdown

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 at 2:49pm.

Change is very stressful for some people and more exciting for others. Unless you chose to live out of a suitcase or as an undercover agent, moving definitely sticks as one of the top ten most stressful situations. But why is it so stressful? No matter how well you plan to move or how much help you have, there’s always some way that it could go more smoothly. If your company isn’t relocating you - or even if they are - more than likely you’ll run straight into these situations that increase our stress level tenfold.

  1. It’s going to be stressful, yo. The first thing to do is just admit that and create the context in which you can face that stress. Whether it’s scheduling chill out time with friends or hunkering down to get it all done early and living out of a box for a week, chose the path of least stress for your personality.

  2. Find your best method for making a list and stick to it. When I moved across the country three years ago, I used a huge whiteboard. Today, it would be a shared Keep list. Some people need it on paper and others work best online. However, you organize yourself: learn it, set it up and stick to it.

  3. Break it down into the smallest steps possible. Each separate task may take up to ten different steps: research, call, make notes, evaluate your budget, make a  decision, call to confirm...the list could literally go on and on. Some days you can make huge strides and others you’ll barely be able to do a quick Google search. Everything on the list is a whole lot easier once you understand how long it will take and everything that needs to be done.

  4. Clutter clear before you pack. There are multiple reasons why clutter clearing is a good idea, and especially when you’re about to touch literally every item that you own, don’t leave it to the last minute like I once did. Also, clear the most emotional items, like books, before anything else. You’ll be so much happier for it.

  5. Take breaks. Go outside, have a snack, walk the dog. Give yourself a milestone then take a good break once you finish it.

  6. Double the amount of time you think that cancelling/setting up utilities will take. Anyone who has ever called customer service for a gas company understands why. You also need to keep a running tally of who you speak to, what they said at what time, what they said they would do, and what you need to do by what time so you’re not stuck with a random $30 charge on your credit that’s been turned over to a collection agency because the water department couldn’t be bothered to find your new address.

  7. Host a Clearing out the Pantry Party. It’s so much nicer to start afresh at a new place, with no Tupperware full of leftovers or half used bags of flour that could easily explode mid-move. Invite some friends who like to cook and clear it all out of your freezer, Iron Chef style. Bake with all the ingredients you have. Then make those friends take it home themselves and start with a fresh kitchen at your new place!

  8. Have a stress reducer handy. I tend towards Naked Wines orders, but there’s also batting cages, walks on gorgeous nature trails, Search With Style© if you’re like us and the sight of great architecture soothes you.

  9. Pack with sustainable materials. It’s actually super easy to do and you’ll feel a little soulful lift every time you fold old wrapping paper, magazines or reuse boxes from a friend. Toddlers do love their bubble wrap, but its not worth it, now that we all know there’s no such thing as throwing “away.”

  10. Place photos of your new home everywhere so you remember what this is all for: as your screensaver, on your frig door, in your planner. As you label each box with the room where it should go, tape a photo of that part of the house on the box itself. Not only will that leave your friends or movers no room for error even in an open layout, but envisioning the future can help you understand what you do or do not want to bring.

Moving, after all, should be a grand adventure, a new beginning or continuation of your wonderful life. Approach it as such and every task becomes one less thing to accomplish on your way to upgrade your life. If that’s motivating you to start the process, Search With Style© to discover your perfect future home.



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