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Open Up Your Ranch Home with These Style Tips

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 at 9:05am.

Ranch style homes have a lot of appeal, but after more than 50 years of existence, they can also bring a lot of baggage. If you’re lucky, your ranch home may only need some pick-me-ups to make it perfect. If you’re not quite as lucky, you may have layers of renovations and home improvements concealing its beauty. So what are some quick fixes to opening up your ranch home? Whether you have a big budget or just want to start small, here are Nook’s tips to taking advantage of that indoor/outdoor, open layout we know and love about the Ranch style.

Ranch Renovation Tips

    • When in doubt, remove a wall. If a Ranch home does not allow air and light to move freely throughout, it's not doing its job. Do you really need a separate dining area? We recommend tearing down the wall between a dining alcove and the kitchen, and simply letting your food prep stations extend into entertaining areas.
    • Add character to the main rooms. Character comes in many forms, notably height and color. Change the height of your living room with vaulted ceilings, while keeping the home office or dining room ceilings low. Add color in unexpected places, like accents on the trim. Also, a well-chosen shelving unit can add a lot of appeal without changing too much about the room itself.
    • Give the illusion of more space. The tried-and-true remedy for making a room seem larger is a strategically placed mirror or two. Replacing heavy doors with floor to ceiling glass also does the trick.
    • Update your outdated kitchen. Kitchens can easily become more inefficient than quaint and cute. If this is the case, we highly recommend "biting the bullet" and committing to a remodel: Replace appliances and fixtures with modern options that facilitate your kitchen activities, remove those stubborn islands that always seem to get in the way, and paint the cupboards using a contrasting color that makes them pop.
    • Address small bathrooms. Showers that hardly have enough room for you to enter can morph into seemingly spacious walk-ins, just by knocking down the walls around the shower door and replacing them with glass. Add a splash of color in your bathrooms, too!

Once you know the kind of changes that make a big difference in a Ranch home, you might even want to find a ranch style home to fix up yourself... Search With Style© and see what you can do.

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