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On Scene: Palm Springs Modernism Week 2019

Written by Kelly Weimert on Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 at 1:59pm.

Source: modernismweek.com

If you love the clean lines and airy silhouettes of mid-century modern architecture and design, then you should most definitely have Modernism Week on your radar. The annual Palm Springs festival features more than 350 events that celebrate mid-century design within the context of education, preservation, and sustainability.

Modernism Week 2019 Palm Springs
Source: modernismweek.com

The Cree House Designed By Albert Frey
Source: modernismweek.com

The festival boasts all manner of events to help you engage with this timeless design aesthetic, such as The Forgotten Frey: The Cree House where you can be among the first to explore one of the two most intact residences by famed architect Albert Frey. The hilltop home was built in 1955 and features many of the defining characteristics of Frey designs, including thin roof overhangs, industrial materials, and jutting balconies with corrugated fiberglass railings.

Tommy Tomson Landscape Architect to the Stars
Source: modernismweek.com

To get your landscape fix, you can explore the designs of landscape architect Tommy Tomson, presented by landscape historian Steven Keylon. Often called “Landscape Architect to the Stars,” Tomson designed landscapes for the likes of Joan Crawford, Robert Montgomery, Henry Fonda, and Frank Sinatra, creating beautiful, expansive designs that are as inviting as they are compelling.

Modernism Week Illuminated Bus Tour
Source: modernismweek.com

Meanwhile, the Illuminated Modern Sunset Bus Tour takes you along Palm Canyon Drive and the surrounding neighborhoods to check out some of the most significant mid-century architectural treasures in Palm Springs. The buildings will all be beautifully illuminated with typeface styles that identify the architect and year of construction, making it easy to take in the sights and history from within the open-air double decker bus.

The Christopher Kennedy Compound Modernism Week Show House

The Christopher Kennedy Compound Modernism Week Show House
Source: modernismweek.com

Another event so anticipated the Hollywood Reporter has deemed it the "#1 Must-See Event of Modernism Week" is the Christopher Kennedy Show House. Now in its fifth year, Christopher Kennedy brings the nation’s most prominent interior designers together to create unique rooms in this decorator showcase house. The compound was specifically created to raise funds for Modernism Week and other preservation efforts. As such, each remodel respects the modernist property’s architectural pedigree while updating it with the best and brightest materials in modern design. 

The Saguaro Palm Springs
Source: thesaguaro.com

In addition to opportunities to see and learn about mid-century designs, there are also events that allow you to socialize with like-minded design enthusiasts, such as an evening dubbed "Crazy in Love with Modernism Week" hosted at The Saguaro, offering moonlit music, fireside treats, hot beverages, and a screening of the Gondry Brothers’ Las Vegas Love Stories. Each of the six stories is just 8.2 seconds long—the time that studies suggest it takes a person to fall in love—showing single vignettes of relationships between various people in Las Vegas. A 3 hour event, it’s perfect for a date with a fellow design lover.

Vintage Bus Tour Modernism Week
Source: modernismweek.com

Not to be missed is the Vintage Trailer Show, a $25 event in the second week that celebrates the vintage trailer lifestyle and is said to be one of the largest and most attended vintage trailer shows in the United States. Attend to see a curated collection of vintage trailers, campers, buses and motor homes.

Another social event is the popular Nod to Mod dinner by PS Underground. The 2.5-hour dinner event features a variety of music, movies, and TV shows from the 1940s-1960s accompanied by a five-course culinary experience. The event takes place in Club Rouge, a secret Palm Springs dining location, and comes with mid-century-themed cocktails and a menu helmed by Chef Dave Horgen.

Palm Springs Modernism Week
Source: modernismweek.com

Modernism Week Tickets

These are just a few of the more than 350 design-centric events that will take place at the festival, and many of them are free, so this is not an opportunity you want to miss. The festival takes place from February 14-24 in Palm Springs—you can peruse all of the events and buy tickets for them here. *Tip: If an event you are interested in is sold out, it may be available on a different day. Use the search function on the tickets page to look up your preferred event, and from there you can view all available days/times.

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