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Groundbreaking Real Estate Brokerage Launches in Orange County : Nook Real Estate

Written by Nook Real Estate on Monday, February 22nd, 2016 at 2:05pm.

Looking for a new and better way to buy and sell residential real estate in Orange County? Now there’s an innovative, next-generation brokerage that delivers, thanks to the launch of Nook Real Estate.

Just a stone’s throw from Google’s regional headquarters, Nook Real Estate (NookRealEstate.com) brings together some of the region’s most respected real estate professionals…but it’s more groundbreaking than that. Nook Real Estate has more in common with its tech neighbor than with other residential real estate companies. That’s because like Google, Nook Real Estate’s platform is based on the power of search - which is critical for a residential real estate brokerage, as between 84 - 94 percent of homebuyers use the internet to search for homes (source: National Association of Realtors).

No one understands the power of search and digital marketing in the residential real estate realm better than Nook Real Estate Founder and Vice President of Marketing, Derek May, who has been helping brokerages throughout the region power up their web and mobile search and marketing campaigns for years.

“Nook Real Estate is the result of more than a decade of testing search, digital an marketing strategies and working with agents and clients inside some of the area’s leading luxury real estate firms,”says May.“We’ve taken those findings and intentionally and intelligently designed our business model for today’s - and tomorrow’s - market, creating a radically different and better residential real estate brokerage for both agents and clients.” 

Last year, May joined with an innovative agent, Evan Little, and a group of investors including Dean Valeriano and John Parenti (who also is the firm’s broker) to begin development of the search-based digital platform that would serve as the backbone for the Nook Real Estate brokerage. At launch, Nook Real Estate goes beyond a typical brick-and-mortar brokerage and is powered by three apps designed to and provide new and more powerful ways for buyers to search for and find homes, as well as to increase speed to market and generate leads for property listings, while also boosting agent efficiency and enhancing agent/client communication and transparency.

“Nook Real Estate is the business model and platform that agents and clients have been waiting for,”says Little. “We feel that our brokerage’s digital platform - based on new, more exciting, meaningful and powerful ways to search for homes - will be as transformative to our industry as Uber has been in its space.

In fact, for the first time in the sector, Nook Real Estate’s website and app allows consumers to browse homes for sale by architectural style, e.g., Mid-Century Modern, Loft, Craftsman. This is an important differentiator, according to Little, as Nook Real Estate is focused on serving today’s homebuyers and sellers, who increasingly have an interest in design, and architecture, as well as in some of Orange County’s more distinctive neighborhoods. 

“Nook Real Estate is a brokerage that is meeting the modern real estate market in Orange County, which is gravitating to emerging communities and to unique homes within established communities,”says Little, who himself lives and works in a Downtown Santa Ana loft. “Buyers increasingly want a particular architectural style of home and want to live in a neighborhood that is walkable, with shops, restaurants, galleries and entertainment.”

To capture this growing market, the brokerage is initially focused on marketing and selling architecturally interesting properties in Corona Del Mar, East Side Costa Mesa, Downtown Fullerton, Laguna Beach, Old Towne Orange, and Downtown Santa Ana. 

Nook Real Estate’s agents will be hand-selected by the company’s executive team for their hyper-local focus and proven track record of success within the communities that the firm is targeting - as well as for their specialized knowledge of particular architectural styles of homes. These real estate professionals will benefit from Nook Real Estate’s digital platform that streamlines processes and communication between agent/brokerage, agent/agent and agent/client. 

In addition, Nook Real Estate not only provides its agents with a team of real estate marketing experts to develop and deploy highly effective exposure campaigns for properties, the firm also pays for and manages all marketing activities related to the listing of a home, freeing up its agents to service clients and close deals. Nook Real Estate’s property marketing campaigns will include professional photography and videography, as well as advertising, direct mail, social media, email blasts and most importantly the market’s most aggressive lead generation, SEO and Pay Per Click strategies. 

Nook Real Estate clients receive updates on their property marketing campaign and transaction progress in real-time via the firm’s cloud-based transaction roadmap, which is accessed through a private digital dashboard that is easy to navigate and provides a new level of transparency and comfort for consumers. 

“In real estate, time is money, information is power, and communication is paramount,”says May. “Nook Real Estate’s groundbreaking brokerage platform delivers on each of these levels, and is revolutionary in its ability to streamline the process of buying and selling real estate. When you add expert, hyper-local agents and marketing mega-stars to that mix, you have an evolved real estate firm that’s ready to serve, and succeed in, a modern marketplace.” 

About Nook Real Estate

Founded in February 2016, Nook Real Estate is an innovative, tech-driven residential real estate brokerage based in Orange County, California. Intentionally and intelligently designed based on findings from more than a decade of testing digital and marketing strategies and transaction processes in the field, Nook Real Estate is a residential real estate brokerage that is built to be better than its predecessors, offering clients and agents the industry’s most advanced, streamlined, and appealing solution to buying and selling homes. Nook Real Estate’s three apps comprise its powerful digital platform, which is powered by exceptional, hyper-local agents and marketing experts. Nook Real Estate is dedicated to helping clients seeking architecturally interesting and unique homes in emerging and established neighborhoods, and is committed to giving back to its community and the environment. NookRealEstate.com 

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