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Nook’s Curators Help You Search for Your Next Home with Style

Written by Nook Real Estate on Monday, May 2nd, 2016 at 4:13pm.

At Nook, we love architecture and design as much as you do. We know how important it is that your home not only be in your favorite ‘hood, but also that it have just the right style and vibe. That’s why we invented an app that lets you - for the first time ever - search for properties for sale by style…by more than 20 styles, in fact! It’s called Search With Style and we know you’ll love it. Aside from the advanced algorithmic details (which we won’t bore you with), the Search With Style® app is powered by real people. We call them Nook Curators. These interior designers, architects, and tastemakers live and breathe architecture and design, and each of them reviews our site to make sure that your Search With Style® results are accurate. So you won’t get a soulless tract home when you search for a Ranch, or a McMansion when you’re dreaming of a Mid-Century.

Now that you’ve been introduced to a more modern way to search for your next home, we’d like to introduce you to one of the Nook Curators who’s making it possible…Tracy McLellan.

Nook Curator Tracy McLellan comes by her passion for 1960s Ranch Style homes honestly, having grown up in Orange County, California - a defacto capital of the timelessly popular architecture. That said, this talented interior designer and professional stager has an abiding love for all things ‘home’ and doesn’t play favorites when it comes to architectural styles or design aesthetics. In fact, Tracy and her Laguna Beach-based family just moved from a chic contemporary to a charming craftsman. And, because she’s known for thinking outside the design box, she’ll be putting her unique signature stamp on the space, using vintage and new elements to create a “Jackson Hole Modern” vibe. She and her design partner Tracy Marriner don’t just make their own homes into havens of stylish comfort, they also work with clients throughout Southern California to transform their abodes into distinctively decorated, uber-livable environments. How does the designer stay inspired to create inspiring spaces for others? “I love to travel, and draw a lot of inspiration from the hotels, neighborhoods and cities we visit,” says Tracy. “I’m also blessed to have many creative friends whose work inspires me - from fashion designers to other interior designers. And, of course, there’s always Kelly Wearstler!” And, what drew her to become a Nook Curator? “I love the whole idea behind Nook. It is perfect for the buyer that understands design and has an eye for a particular style.”

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