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Everyone Fits In Somewhere on Melrose

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Wednesday, June 21st, 2017 at 2:38pm.

When Nook Sales Experts match a buyer with their dream home, the only thing as important as architectural style is the neighborhood. Luckily, each neighborhood in our regions has its own distinct flavor, and it won’t be hard to find your perfect match. That’s why we’re bringing you the #NookNeighborhoods series, where every Wednesday you’ll find cool history and culture to make sure you don’t overlook an area that could have the best nook for you.

The first time I was introduced to Melrose Avenue, I felt at home. It reminded me of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts: not where I grew up, but where I grew into myself. Back in the 90s, that area was for the freaks, the teens and young adults who had nowhere to fit into the world except for “The Pitt” around Harvard Square Station. Surrounding us were professionals, students, artists, Deadheads, and new shops catering to the ever-evolving clientele.

Melrose is that mecca of acceptance in Los Angeles. In the 80s it became widely known for its fostering of new wave and punk cultures, and stays true to those roots while welcoming everyone. I’m not kidding when I say you can find anything you want here: designer clothes, up-styled thrift, Doc Martens, eyewear, tattoos, boutiques, unmentionables (ooh la la) ...the list goes on. Melrose is not only a great place to live in Los Angeles, but a place where people thrive. You can take a casual wander, landing you at any one of their cafes or lunch spots. Show a friend your favorite dive (I suggest the Snakepit), or meet a client for happy hour at The Parlor.

You want to live close to where you work in Los Angeles. Melrose gives you access to a constantly booming avenue, where freelancers find new clients and network with a variety of entrepreneurs (never mind all those great meeting spots)! They have a number of brand new live/work lofts built or in development there. And if you do work in another part of town, it’s one of the only Los Angeles neighborhoods that is genuinely twenty minutes to most other locales. Many actors enjoy the proximity to a variety of audition offices. You’re also within walking distance to major Metro bus lines.

Another huge bonus to living at Melrose is that you’ll always have a parking space. With such a highly trafficked main stretch, the residential areas surrounding Melrose Avenue tend to have on site parking for homes and special guest passes to ensure visitors enjoy a pleasant experience. WIth nicely landscaped yards that keep your home quiet and secure, families can enjoy quiet time while staying within walking distance of nearly every convenience.

Since 1997, the Melrose Trading Post gathers the area’s best vendors of food, artisans and collectors, with proceeds benefitting Fairfax High School’s arts education program, the Institute for the Arts on Greenway. This Sunday event has become what every market of its kind wishes: a spot for the community to see each other regularly and a destination for locals and tourists alike.

All the great schools truly reflect the area’s eccentricities and flavor. Last year Melrose Elementary School got four new murals by local artists, with animal themes ranging from fantasy to sea life to future dreams. This Math/Science/Technology Magnet is a much sought after place of learning with a butterfly garden, a fruit and vegetable outdoor classroom and a California Native Plant Garden. Melrose Avenue Preschool is one of those places that just makes you want to be a toddler again. It’s a play-based learning environment that incorporates ASL. We mentioned Fairfax High School above, and their reputation remains unparalleled in diversity and high standards. Here again, Melrose’s central location among Los Angeles gives you more choice than other neighborhoods; if one of these local schools doesn’t work for you, there’s sure to be another one nearby.

Don’t let that old TV show Melrose Place fool you; residents do a lot more than sit by the pool and conduct torrid affairs. You could spend more than a week exploring all the innovative art galleries and see some live theater every night. If you want to say “I knew them when” about today’s hottest comedians, just become a regular at The Groundlings, where alumni regularly move on to Saturday Night Live and other hit television shows and movies.

To see Melrose for yourself, check out our #SearchWithStyle or contact us to learn which beautiful homes are on the market.

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