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Nobody Walks in LA (or OC?), Not So, According to Recent Trends and Walk Score

Written by Nook Real Estate on Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 at 2:11pm.

It only takes one rush hour trip down the 405 or 101 to realize that Southern California is a region of car-obsessed commuters. Many residents spend a significant part of their day driving to and from work, secret shortcuts are hotly debated between officemates, and the horror of a bright red screen on Google Maps can inspire panic in even the most seasoned drivers.

After contending with Los Angeles and Orange County’s extensive web of freeways, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of Southern California homebuyers are looking to live in neighborhoods that offer walkable access to day-to-day errands.

Enter Walk Score, a patented methodology designed to measure the walkability of your next home.

For each address, Walk Score analyzes hundreds of walking routes to nearby grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, bars – you know, the essentials – and awards points based on distance. The closer the destination, the more points received. Walk Score also measures pedestrian friendliness, analyzing factors like block length, sidewalk accessibility, and population density.

Evaluated on a scale of 1 to 100, a Walk Score higher than 70 indicates that most errands can be accomplished on foot, and neighborhoods with a Walk Score of 90 or above do not require a car for daily errands. Similarly, Walk Score’s sister scores Transit Score and Bike Score measure a neighborhood’s access to public transit and biking infrastructure.

In response to this growing trend, Nook Real Estate specializes in representing buyers and sellers in Southern California’s most walkable neighborhoods including Downtown Los Angeles, Downtown Long Beach, Downtown Brea, Downtown Fullerton, Downtown Santa Ana, and Old Towne Orange. These centrally located homes, lofts, and condos offer residents a convenient lifestyle including walking to shops, award-winning dining, vibrant nightlife, and even transportation.

To help with your home search, every Nook Real Estate listing will include the property’s Walk Score, making it that much easier to find not just your dream home, but your dream neighborhood. You’ll find that behind the freeways and rush hour traffic, Los Angeles and Orange County boast some of the country’s most walkable and up-and-coming neighborhoods, allowing residents to experience all that Southern California has to offer – by car or on foot!

Nook’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods
Downtown LA - 93
Downtown Long Beach - 92
Downtown Brea - 88
Downtown Fullerton – 87
Old Towne Orange – 86
Downtown Santa Ana - 85

To view Nook’s latest listings and Walk Scores, visit www.nookrealestate.com.

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Evan Little wrote: Great post! This is becoming more and more of a focal point for my urban dwelling loft buyers and sellers.

Posted on Thursday, April 14th, 2016 at 2:04pm.

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