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New Homes offer Energy Efficiency, Proving The Grass Might be “Greener” on the Other Side

Written by Nook Real Estate on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 at 1:32pm.

When it comes to eco-friendly homes, “going green” isn’t just a trend, it’s an expectation. More than ever, buyers are demanding homes that offer energy efficiency for sustainability as well as the cost-saving benefits.
Nook Real Estate specializes in representing properties and people that keep Mother Earth in mind, and one of our founding agents Evan Little is a National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Green-designated agent and received the prestigious EverGreen Award in 2011.
“Eco-friendly homes are about more than the environment – they're also about providing safe, healthy havens for families to live,” explained Evan. “When you consider all of the environmental, financial, and even lifestyle benefits of a more sustainable home or community, 'green homes' are the smart choice for many buyers.”
Of course, being eco-friendly can come at a cost, but buyers are ready to open their wallets. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders, prospective buyers are willing to to pay an additional $10,732 up front if it will save $1,000 per year in utilities expenses. In fact, energy efficient features like Energy Star-rated appliances, low-E windows, and programmable thermostats were included among buyers’ 10 most-wanted features in their next home.
Nook Real Estate is committed to supporting sustainable communities and eco-friendly building practices, and you’ll find many of our knowledgeable team are experts in Southern California’s urban and environmentally conscious properties. So whether you’re looking for a converted urban loft offering walkability or a new build boasting eco-friendly design and top of the line Energy Star appliances, Nook is your go-to resource for all things green. Read on for some of our favorite eco-friendly features to look for in your home, and to schedule a tour of Nook’s newest (and greenest!) listings, visit www.nookrealestate.com
Go With the (Low) Flow: In addition to saving water, low-flow fixtures will save you more than a buck or two. Inexpensive and easily installed, low-flow fixtures can reduce your home water consumption by as much as 50 percent which can equal hundreds of dollars in annual savings.
Alternative Insulation: It’s no secret a well-insulated home will decrease your need for heating and air conditioning throughout the year. However, this seemingly dull topic is heating up among builders and buyers alike with options that take eco-friendly one step further. Alternatives like wool are sustainable and easy to handle (not to mention noncombustible!) and many varieties of cotton insulation are made with recycled blue jeans.
A Fresh Coat of Paint: Typical household paint contains up to 10,000 chemicals, 300 of which are known toxins! That’s why almost all leading paint manufacturers now offer low and no-VOC paints that replace the oil-based solvents with a cleaner, water-based alternative. Widely available at almost any home improvement store, these low and no-VOC paints give you the freedom to paint and re-paint your living spaces guilt-free.

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