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Featured Sea Ranch Home for Sale: Condominium One | Image source: sonomamag.com

With fewer than 900 permanent residents, Sea Ranch is a quaint, idyllic, and unincorporated planned community that’s only about 50 years old. Its exceedingly peaceful and quiet vibe, complete with expansive oceanic views, lush trees, and craggy cliffs, is the perfect locale for a vacation retreat or a retirement home.

Sea Ranch Architecture & Development

sea ranch home
Image source: nytimes.com

Sea Ranch was founded by Oceanic Properties with Bay Area landscape architect, Lawrence Halprin, being largely responsible for the highly-curated yet calm feel of the community. Halprin, along with four other architects, set the parameters for all of Sea Ranch’s homes’ exteriors, starting

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Image source: austinchronicle.com

When many people think about going out in Austin, the infamous and ever-bustling Sixth Street often comes to mind AKA “Dirty Sixth”. And, given that the street is blocked off every weekend to let bar crawlers roam freely, that’s no surprise. However, many Austin locals have moved on from seeking entertainment in the tourist trap that Sixth Street has become in favor of the whimsical and charming vibe of Rainey Street.

The Rainey Street neighborhood is truly unlike any other, due in large part to how much it’s transformed in just a few years. Before it became the unique day-and-night bar destination that it is today, it was a largely forgotten wasteland on the border of Lady Bird Lake.


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Image source: thepalmbeaches.com

When you think about the hippest areas in the country, chances are, Florida doesn’t come to mind. But the growing hipster vibe of West Palm Beach proves that it most definitely should.

West Palm Beach is situated just to the west of its big sister, Palm Beach, and boasts the oldest municipality in metro Miami having been incorporated way back in 1894. Unsurprisingly, the city has evolved quite a bit in its nearly 130-year existence.

During the Florida land boom of the 1920s, West Palm Beach’s population quadrupled in just seven years, from 1920-1927. As a result, all kinds of businesses, residences, and public services sprouted up, with many of the city’s landmarks and preserved neighborhoods developed during this

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Image source: mccallsmeatandfish.com

Back in the day, butcher shops were a staple on many people’s errand to-do lists: pick up the laundry, stop by the post office, and head to the local butcher, who likely already knows your name, to pick up a quality meat selection for dinner. With the astronomical rise of supermarkets, though, many butcher shops around the country shut their doors as consumers opted for the convenience of buying their meat at the same place they get the rest of their groceries. However, such a convenience, like many in life, comes at a cost.

When it comes to supermarket meat, it can be mighty difficult to discern from where the meat is sourced, how it was treated prior to slaughter, and the health of the animal before it made its

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Image Source: The Patch.com

Considered by many to be one of the hippest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, the LA Arts District is overflowing with galleries, restaurants, and boutiques to delight creatives and professionals alike. But it’s tough to fully appreciate this ‘hood without knowing a bit about its history.

Back in the 1970s, the LA Arts District was essentially an industrial wasteland that was overtaken by visual artists, musicians, writers, and other creatives looking to capitalize on the cheap rent and greater personal freedom that comes with it. However, with lower housing costs also came squalid living conditions and sparse amenities.

In the decades since then, young professionals and transplants increasingly fell in love with the

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The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, but the first fireworks to commemorate the event were displayed one year later. That’s when the real holiday began, and it’s all thanks to John Adams’ visions for “Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.”

With so many 4th of July Fireworks shows to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to find the one that’s right for you. Here are our picks from some of our favorite nook neighborhoods.

San Francisco

    • The San Francisco Art Institute, which houses iconic murals by Diego Rivera, also provides a home for you to enjoy the local fireworks show - on the roof terrace of this private art college. 

Los Angeles

  • Dodger Stadium
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Photos and map courtesy of Racquet Club Estates Neighborhood Organization

The History of Racquet Club Estates

The crown jewel of Palm Springs in its glory days was The Racquet Club. Built in 1934 by actors Charlie Farrell and Ralph Bellamy, it was a resort where A-list Hollywood celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Marilyn Monroe came to play tennis, socialize poolside while enjoying the privacy Palm Springs offered in a glamorous low-key setting. While The Racquet Club is history, you can find that vibe today, minus the celebs, in the surrounding Racquet Club Estates neighborhood.

Racquet Club Estates is an in-demand, Mid-Century Modern Palm Springs neighborhood, with a tight-knit community of owners - the Racquet Club Estates

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The Barbershop Comeback

The local barbershop has historically been a place of camaraderie: one to meet, play chess, talk, and of course to groom. But, when big chains came in during the 80's ad 90's offering quick and cheap cuts, barbershops as we knew them began to fade. In recent years, however, we're seeing barbershops start to spring up everywhere. Some might consider this to be just another hipster trend, but judging by their surge in popularity, it's pretty clear that the modern barbershop is filling a much-needed void.

In fact, the barbershop is more like a sanctuary than just a haircut joint - with perks and entertainment that make it a destination where men actually want to spend their time. So, even if you or dad don't necessarily need a

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Photograph by Cliff May; Cliff May Collection, Architecture and Design Collection, University of California, Santa Barbara © UC Regents // Source: http://www.pacificstandardtime.org

The resurgence of the Ranch style can be attributed to two kinds of people: young professionals who saw a stylish home they could afford, and retirees who adored the open layout and single story living. No wonder in the late 90s, a forgotten and almost stepchild neighborhood of Long Beach saw a revitalization like never before: The Cliff May Rancho's of Lakewood Rancho Estates suddenly became the hot place to buy. And, with its unique style and accessibility, it continues to be a highly sought-after neighborhood today. 

A Brief History of "The Rancho's"

Designed in

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May is National Bike Month, today is National Bike to Work Day, and we want to help you celebrate in style! Did you already read our story on the benefits that biking brings to neighborhoods, including commerce, safety and healthier lifestyles? Are you one of the thousands who attended an event on biking or tried to bike to work this month with encouragement from your community? Now we’ll show you how to integrate the same style you bring to your home search and design to enjoying cycling around your favorite Nook Neighborhoods.

  • Find the closest bike path to frequent. They're often right under our noses, or beside trails we already tread, but bike paths can take you through beautiful natural scenery, to places you may have never seen before

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