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Neighborhood Spotlight: Bungalow Heaven, Landmark District

Written by Kelly Weimert on Thursday, April 11th, 2019 at 4:06am.

Source: artsandcraftshomes.com

Nestled in Pasadena, California, Bungalow Heaven is an idyllic, century-old neighborhood that received its name for the more than 800 bungalow homes it hosts. Most of the homes it features were built between 1905 and 1925 when people in the U.S. were moving away from fanciful Victorian architecture in favor of the more affordable and practical homes offered by the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Single Story Bungalow in Bungalow Heaven Pasadena
Source: latimes.com

California’s warm climate and economic potential led many Americans to make their way west where they could purchase brand new bungalow homes for $2,500, or less if they opted to build it themselves from one of the many available kits. One of the makers of bungalow build kits, Ready-Cut Bungalow Company, estimated that it shipped over 40,000 kits to the Los Angeles area alone.

Craftsman Bungalow in Bungalow Heaven Pasadena
Source: latimes.com

The single-story design of bungalow homes, complete with large overhanging eaves, abundant windows, and ample outdoor space, made them ideal for California’s warm climate. Additionally, their simple, pared-back structure resulted in relatively easy and affordable construction, so they were highly accessible to the large population of American families moving west.

Interior of Craftsman Bungalow in Bungalow Heaven Pasadena
Source: hookedonhouses.net

The interior of bungalow homes typically features an open floor plan, which maximizes the home's quaint size while providing a fluid space for family gatherings.

Well Preserved Craftsman Bungalow in Bungalow Heaven Pasadena
Source: pasadenanow.com

Most of the early-20th-century homes built in Bungalow Heaven are extremely well preserved, due in large part to the neighborhood’s protection on the National Register of Historic Places. The homes are largely constructed from regional materials, like river rock and redwood shingles, and feature front porches; wide-set windows; and interior accents of wood, tile, and glass.

Interested in owning one of these historic bungalows? Check out all homes currently for sale in Bungalow Heaven. Or, go see them up-close-and-personal at the 30th Annual Bungalow Heaven Home Tour (info below)!


The 30th Annual Bungalow Heaven Home Tour

Line for Bungalow Heaven Home Tour in Pasadena
Source: bungalowheaven.org

Like all compelling designs, these homes are better seen than read about, and the 30th Annual Bungalow Heaven Home Tour is the perfect opportunity to observe them. The tour takes place on Sunday, April 28th and allows visitors to tour eight, beautifully preserved homes led by docents who describe the homes’ history and architectural details. Presale tickets cost $25, while day-of tickets cost $30. 

In addition to exploring historic homes, you’ll also learn about the various restoration demonstrations that have taken place in the area and nosh on complimentary homemade cookies and lemonade to the tunes of live music. And if your appetite craves something a little bigger, then you can purchase a tasty lunch from one of several onsite food trucks. Additionally, you can participate in a silent auction and/or ticketed raffle to win fun bungalow-related merch. You can purchase your Bungalow Heaven Home Tour tickets here.

Bonus! Join Nook President, author, and Craftsman Bungalow expert, Mark Hughes, on these year's tour! Reach out to Mark @craftsmanbungalows on Instagram or by email at mhughes@nookrealestate.com to get in touch. 

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Bungalow Heaven Landmark District Home Tour 2019 Bungalow Heaven Landmark Historic District Street Sign
Sources: Left: bungalowheaven.org; Right: wikipedia.org

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