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Making Your Garden Modern May be Easier Than You Think

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 at 4:26pm.

Gardens often bring to mind lush landscapes of flowers bursting out of planters and urns. We often see row after row of one flower or vegetable planted in neat little patterns with gently manicured grass along the paths. Some love the carefully thought out geometric shapes and some love a more wild showing. Some go so far as to theme out their outdoor spaces, creating fairy homes and herbal tea gardens, or going all out enchanted into a Disney dreamscape. For someone who dreams of living in a hobbit hole, these garden designs feel right at home.

Yet, there’s such an appeal to the more modern design for gardens which serve a function, putting people first, then plants. If you’re a fan of the modern style of architecture’s clean lines and meticulous use of metals, glass, and wood- and let’s face it, if you’re on our blog, then you probably are - you understand the fundamentals to create a more modern area. Begin with inspiration from Asian spaces, who manage a controlled style in the simplicity of their shapes. Then consider the purpose of your garden that you’d like to create: is it a place for contemplative reading, sitting or warmth? Is it for the front yard, a back retreat, or urban rooftop?

In one of our many Nook Neighborhoods, there’s a great opportunity for a restful area on your rooftop. Low maintenance, beautification and an ability to earn LEED credits are just some of the benefits, never mind the opportunity for a fabulous view! They just take a great deal of planning to ensure your rooftop retreat uses the right materials for extended outdoor wear and tear.

If you like the modern garden in theory but never connected with one, look at the work that Envision Landscape Studio is accomplishing in California. With both artistic and construction backgrounds, they merge the gorgeous modern materials with a sculptural aesthetic that turns even a wall into a work of art. Truly embracing the indoor/outdoor luxury lifestyle that we all love, your garden area can feel more as an extension of the design within your home rather than a completely separate space.  

I’ve already spoken to my newfound love of succulents, which are a must-have in the land of our Nooks. With such a variety of shapes and sizes and colors, succulents alone can create many different creative spaces for your outdoors. It’s exciting to envision how the outside can embody an order and communion with nature, as your indoor design showcases your own true style.

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