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Lido Village Brings Luxury Seaside Living to Newport Beach

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 at 10:27am.

Welcome to the #NookNeighborhoods series, where every Wednesday you’ll find cool history and culture to make sure you don’t overlook an area that could have the best nook for you.

Lido Village in Newport Beach brings to mind the best of peninsula life: casual, chic and fun, with a multitude of cool seaside dining and shopping experiences. Everything about its image appeals to those who enjoy the luxury, the fresh ocean air, and Lido Village’s most unique trait - its newness. Here you find the latest, not just in tastes and designer brands, but also the latest in lifestyle. As Lindsay Parton, the president of a Lido Village’s development said, “We’ve been given the keys to a kingdom”.  

In the 1970s, no one would have imagined Lido Village as the destination for high-class brands and wineries. They had a sweet pedestrian-centered district called Lido Marina Village., but otherwise there was not much of a draw to the area except for a Polynesian eatery called The Warehouse and some massive parties that only celebrities attended. Since then, however, most of the storefronts and larger spaces have sat empty, waiting for the right vision to pair with deep-pocketed investors, able to respect and follow through on the preservation needed to both upgrade Lido’s buildings and retain its architectural history. It is the warehouse, the old style buildings, and the breathtaking harbor views that make Lido Village such a stunning place to visit and live.

All it would take is one big name store to build something too sleek for Marina Village to become an eyesore rather than central to the community surrounding it. In fact, the developers of Lido Marina Village pride themselves on the fact that they have not one store that can be found in a mall. “Setting Sail, Setting Style” is their brand, and every retailer within has a special touch to what they create, whether that be casual menswear or bright handbags, Lido Marina Village will bring you a personal, unique touch. They hold events to benefit local schools and charities, have live music twice a week, host a Little Lido Kids’ Club and toy boat sailing at their fountain.

It is this strong knowledge of its own image that keeps Lido Village pure, while positioning it at the cutting edge of an upscale, stylish life. The new Nook offices stand in between Lido and Cannery Village, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to take part in the lifestyle renaissance this region will undertake. If this sounds like your cup of boba tea, contact us to learn more about joining the Nook Real Estate Team of Style Experts!



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