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Introducing ModernHomes.com for Modern Home Buyers and Enthusiasts

Written by Kelly Weimert on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 at 11:01am.

If you like modern architecture and design, then you'll love ModernHomes.com. The site features all types of modern homes for sale, including mid-century modern, modern + contemporary, modern farmhouse, and lofts, making it easy to find your next modern dream home. Plus, you can learn about the latest in modern home design and technology and discover ways to enhance your existing abode with their article library. So it's basically a gold mine for any and all modern design lovers.

Be sure to spend some time perusing the Curated Collections section of ModernHomes.com to get inspired by different modern home themes. Curated Collections thoughtfully showcases some of the best modern homes on the market, be it a historic mid-century modern home under $1 million, or a modern cabin retreat that you can use to unplug and escape the chaos of everyday life.

You can also use the site to find modern homes for sale based on your unique needs and preferences, searching by factors like price, style, region, and school district. Once a home catches your eye, you can read all about what makes it special, when it was built, and other important features. And you can do it all while taking in gorgeous photos that will make you feel like you're stepping right inside the property.

But even if you're not in the market for a new home, you'll love perusing the endless stories and articles on ModernHomes.com, whether you want to find ways to enhance your current aesthetic, learn about the latest interior trends and technologies, or explore the many styles that fall under the modern design umbrella.

modern home design
Source: modernhomes.com

For instance, you can check out the newest collaborations from some of the world's best brands and designers, like the Ruggable x Jonathan Adler and the Target x Justina Blakeney collabs. You can also explore all kinds of tips, tricks, and other content to help you maximize your home's style, like ways to enhance your house's curb appeal, as well as seasonal trends that will make your home feel more fresh and inviting.

frank lloyd wright architecture
Source: modernhomes.com

ModernHomes.com also features lots of articles that dig into modern icons - the people, places, and events that put modern architecture on the map, like Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous Case Study Houses Program, and Palm Springs: The mecca of mid-century modern architecture.

And if you prefer to consume your content in gorgeous, bite-sized bits, then make sure to follow ModernHomes.com on Instagram and Facebook for the latest tips, designs, and listings. 

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