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Interior Designer Brooke Wagner - Reinventing Style, Coast to Coast

Written by Nook Real Estate on Friday, May 13th, 2016 at 4:10pm.

If you love interior design (who doesn’t?!) and you’re on Instagram (who isn’t?!), then you know Brooke Wagner (@BrookeWagnerDesign). This OC-based interiors designer leads her eponymous firm, Brooke Wagner Design, and works not only in SoCal, but across the country, creating beautiful, livable spaces that we all love (and, to be honest, envy). Her style has been variably described as “fresh, current and timeless,” “modern yet cozy,” “including vintage rocker edges,” “warm, beautiful and comfortable” and “creative, fresh, and up-to-date, yet classic and traditional.”

That’s one of the things we love most about Brooke’s work - it’s not one-note. Instead, she creates a symphony of style across all architectural genres, whether she’s working within the framework of a Colonial or Georgian Manor, a Modern Farmhouse, a Traditional home or a Cape Cod. Quick promotional sidebar: Nook Real Estate shares Brooke’s passion for architecture and design, which is why we created the Search With Style® app, see link below to to download it now!

From Corona del Mar to Malibu, and from Washington DC to Bel-Air, Brooke’s work has garnered attention from the press and from clients, who consistently rave about her unerring eye for design. Her gift for melding styles and transcending trends is apparent when you look at her portfolio, where you’ll find unexpected and exciting aspects in each home - whether it’s a sparkling chandelier in an otherwise casual setting, or an accent wall of distressed wood laid in an intricate herringbone pattern in a luxe bedroom. It’s this element of surprise that is so breathtaking and eye-catching. We’ve included some of our favorite details here for your viewing pleasure!

All this goes to show why the team at Nook Real Estate is thrilled and honored to have Brooke Wagner on board as a Nook Curator. In this role, Brooke is working with other architecture and design experts to ensure that, when you Search With Style® on our website or our proprietary app, you get the industry's most accurate home style search results - i.e., no McMansions when you’re looking for a Modern marvel, and no soulless tract homes when you’re looking for a Ranch to renovate.

To learn more about Brooke Wagner and Brooke Wagner Design, please visit: www.brookewagnerdesign.com

To download Nook’s Search With Style® app, please click here

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