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How to Transform Your Balcony Into a Calming Oasis

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 at 11:05am.

The height of summer inspires many of us to take advantage of our outdoor spaces and optimize them to their full potential. But for those of us that are working with a small balcony rather than an expansive backyard, it can be tough to create a calming retreat that doesn’t feel cluttered and chaotic—but it doesn’t have to be. 

It’s no secret that Instagram offers endless inspiration for virtually anything under the sun, and that most definitely holds true for balcony inspo. The following Instaspaces completely nail balcony oasis vibes while providing plenty of tips and tricks that you can apply to create one for yourself. 


Use Your Walls

If your balcony is like most, then it’s probably lacking in the square footage department. Fortunately, your walls are full of decorative potential. Installing shelving and wall slats is a great way to maximize your space and showcase personality-enhancing decor. 

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Employ Your Railings

In addition to the walls, your balcony’s railings are packed with style potential. You can use them to hang flowers and string lights, or put your carpentry skills to the test by building a little ledge like this to create a cozy place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. 

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Create Cohesion

Disjointed decor and a lack of a distinct color palette will quickly move your balcony into chaotic territory. Take some time to pick out a small handful of complementary hues as well as a decorative style (e.g. rustic, minimal, contemporary etc.), and let them guide you through the decoration process to ensure a cohesive, calming look. 

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Go Plant Wild

Plants have this unique ability to make you feel calm and peaceful, so they’re a perfect addition to your balcony oasis. And what’s particularly great about them is that they’re among the few pieces of decor that you really can’t have too many of; as far as we’re concerned, the more plants your balcony has, the more inviting it’ll be. 

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Light it Up

Just as lighting is paramount to a beautiful interior, it’s critical for creating a soothing outdoor space. Mix and match different lighting options, like the string lights, lanterns, and candles pictured here, to create a welcoming, whimsical look that begs for a warm, relaxing evening spent with a book or a cocktail. 

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Pile On Textures

Textures are a stellar decorative tool because they can easily add character without cluttering up your space with too much decor. Incorporating texturized pillows, furniture, and rugs will combine form and function, elevating your design without cramping your style. 

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Add a Privacy Screen

Nothing kills the summer cocktail vibe quite like strangers peering into your balcony oasis, so consider adding a privacy screen to your space. They come in many styles and finishes, but a bamboo fence like the one pictured here is among the lightest and easiest to install and looks great with a wide variety of aesthetics. 

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Shade Your Space

If your balcony only sees the sun, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re stuck with baking in the heat or dwelling inside. An umbrella is a simple way to shade yourself while providing more places to add vibe-making string lights. There are plenty of affordable umbrella options out there, including half-umbrellas that are specifically designed for small outdoor spaces, like this one from Wayfair.

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Looking for more unique design ideas? Head over to our Tipbook, which is full of top trends and easy tips for enhancing your space, no matter your style.

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