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How to Create a Playful + Sophisticated Gender-Neutral Nursery

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 at 11:05am.

Source: kelleynan.com

While it goes without saying that having a baby is very exciting, it’s also quite overwhelming for most, particularly for new parents. Given that there are boundless logistics and costs to consider, it can be tough to find enough time to contemplate the style and design of the nursery, even for the most design-savvy parents. 

You can always keep things simple and lean on the traditional hues associated with boys and girls to inform your nursery design, but maybe you want to think outside of the pink-and-blue box to create a more gender-neutral space for your little. If so, then the following tips will make it a breeze to create the gorgeous nursery you’ve always wanted. 


Consider Your Colors

gender neutral nursery green color palette
Source: thekissingboothblog.com

One of the first decisions to be made about any design is the color palette. For a sophisticated, gender-neutral nursery, you can’t go wrong with organic hues like green, beige, and goldenrod yellow. In addition to being gender-neutral, an organic color palette will look fresh and attractive for years to come, making it easy to transition the space from a nursery to a room for a much bigger little. 


Pick a Theme

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After you choose a color palette, consider whether you want to incorporate a theme. Of course, not all nurseries need themes, but they can be fun and stimulating for little ones while offering a point of reference to build a design around. Celestial, botanical, and animal themes are all great for nurseries because they’re perfectly appropriate for all kids and they offer boundless decorative potential for adults. 


Use Textures

textured gender neutral nursery
Source: houseofhiredesigns.com

To create a design that appeals to your baby without sacrificing elevated style, try using different textures to create visual interest rather than a ton of busy patterns and bright colors. Textures like rattan, wood, and faux fur will instantly make a design more dynamic while providing tactile stimulation for your little one as they grow.


Bring in Pops of Color

gender neutral nursery with pops of color
Source: thinkmakeshareblog.com

If you opt for the organic color palette mentioned above, that doesn’t mean you can’t include a few bright colors to add vitality to your design. One of the great aspects of a neutral color palette is that even the smallest pop of color will make a big impact. Exhibit A: the nursery pictured here mixes soothing neutrals with hints of fluorescent color to create an ultra-cheerful design. 


Incorporate Decals

gender neutral nursery wall decals
Source: projectnursery.com

No longer reserved for the most kitschy or outlandish of spaces, wall decals have come a long way over the years. Today, there are boundless wall decals to choose from that are as stylish and sophisticated as they are easy to apply. Decals like those pictured here instantly solve the problem of a blank wall in a stylish way that appeals to kids and adults alike.


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