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How to Create a Gorgeous Holiday Tablescape

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 at 8:34am.

With Halloween officially behind us, we’re plowing full steam ahead into the holiday season. Given that many of us will be spending the holidays at home this year, it feels extra crucial to give our decor a little more time and consideration than we might otherwise. And a great place to start is with your table decor. 

With so much of the holiday season revolving around breaking bread with loved ones, creating a beautiful tablescape is a wonderful way to set the tone for the season and get everyone into the holiday spirit. 

However, for those of us without the Martha Stewart gene, executing a killer tablescape design can feel tough, but it doesn’t have to. The following tips are simple to execute and they’ll leave you with a gorgeous tablescape every time, no matter your creative prowess.


Pick a Theme

holiday tablescape theme

Themes are a great way to get your design off the ground as they offer an easy point of reference from which to build it around. For instance, you can opt for a winter wonderland theme, adding lots of white and silver sparkles. Or, you can go with a rustic theme, infusing your look with bountiful branches, burlap, and red plaid. You can also pick a theme based on aesthetics, like minimal or Scandinavian. 

Choose a Color Palette

decorative holiday tablescape

To ensure your tablescape is cohesive, it’s a good idea to pick a basic color palette and stick to it. Since tables can quickly appear cluttered, color palettes with just a few hues tend to work best. You can also opt for a white monochromatic color palette and use florals or other foliage to add pops of color to it. 

Mix and Match Textures

holiday tablescape with different textures

Another easy way to add intrigue to your look without too much clutter is to mix and match different textures. For example, maybe you add matte white plates juxtaposed with super shiny gunmetal silverware. Or perhaps you decide to mix natural wood accents with lace or linen. Regardless of what you choose, adding a variety of textures is sure to make your design more dynamic. 

Make Some Place Cards

Place cards are a low-maintenance, high-value item that will instantly make your tablescape look more polished and professional. They also eliminate the sometimes-awkward dance of  your guests trying to figure out where to sit. You can make them by hand, or make it extra easy on yourself by printing some out using a template like the ones from Place Card Me.  

Play With Height

red gold white holiday tablescape

Much like a cityscape, a great tablescape should feature a variety of different heights to add interest and intrigue. In general, the tallest items should be near the center of your table, with items getting smaller as they approach the ends of the table. However, it’s also helpful to play with a variety of heights within those layers to add some variation—just make sure that nothing is so high that it will block diners from seeing each other across the table.  

Choose Your Centerpiece

A good centerpiece will tie your whole look together. If you have a long, rectangular table, then you may want two or three centerpieces, while a round table will typically only require one. Regardless of your type of table, though, it’s always a good idea to choose a centerpiece that aligns with both your theme and color palette, as this is typically the piece that guests will notice more than any other element, so you want it to be cohesive.


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