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Haunts Need Great Houses, and L.A. has Plenty of the to Spare

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Friday, October 20th, 2017 at 4:23pm.

Halloween in Los Angeles combines two of our favorite things: getting spooked and awesome architecture. I certainly hope that you put The Last Spookstore’s October 21 on your calendar after our write-up, and there is even more. In L.A., you can find numerous warehouses that become pop up haunts in addition to the established haunted houses (and Queen Mary) around town. Today I want to bring you a selection of the offerings to scare yourself silly and indulge in some architectural past-times.

  • Los Angeles has a long, yet still young, history of development. If most of your West Coast history comes from the mission project in grade school or Disney’s Zorro, you may need a trip to Heritage Square Museum. Now, we know that Victorians make the best haunted houses, and here you can also witness the mourning rituals of the era every weekend in October. This year they also hosted The Heritage Scare over two nights, where you compete in “a haunt you play as a game” inside their historical houses.
  • Magic Box @ The REEF is Los Angeles’ new Convention Center: spaces renovated to morph for whatever configuration you need. It is hosted at the former LA Mart building at 1933 S. Broadway (look for the big chair). Now through November 12th, groups of eight walk through a multi-sensory experience based on the popular podcast Lore, where you learn that the scariest stories are true. Now also an Amazon Prime Exclusive, Lore is brought to you by Just Fix It Productions (known for Creep LA and The Willows).
  • The Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery has a rich family history in Pasadena and the area below the San Gabriel Mountains. Besides the obvious services they offer, just ripe for haunted houses, you can also enjoy the New Radiance Corridor, Chapel of the Gardens, the Judson Studios installations of stained glass, arboretum feel and art collections. Now through November 11th, however, the long running and family friendly Wicked Lit will entertain you with four short stories, told to you among the buried.
  • If you crave more of a personal experience, or need that extra-extra special gift for a friend, drop $5,000 for You, the performance in an undisclosed location that is performed in its entirety for you and you alone. Seriously. An audience of one plus free drinks. If that sounds intriguing one moment and outrageous the next, I urge you to read Noah Nelson’s review on the No Proscenium site - also where you can find even more exciting immersive and adjacent experiences to explore.
  • For the San Diego area, there’s still a little time to catch WOW (Without Walls Festival) presented by the La Jolla Playhouse. Interactive and unique experiences await you all over San Diego! They have dance, a self directed piece for 2 at the San Diego Central Library, an audio installation in a grain silo, a faeire flash mob and much more. Now through October 22.

Huge thanks to the team at No Proscenium, where I found these events. Check out their Now Playing page for SoCal and the Bay Area, then Search With Style® for nearby nooks on the market.

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