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Handmade for the Holidays: Etsy is a Goldmine of Stylish Gifts

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Friday, December 1st, 2017 at 10:21am.

When you think of the handmade goods site Etsy, what image comes to mind? I think of crafts, jewelry, handmade goods that can be hit or miss gifts, and Tolkien onesies. I wouldn’t consider etsy the best spot to find classy and modern home decor for the holidays, but then I looked closer. A few key search terms, a handful of transactions later and my hard-to-buy shopping list is finished. I may have slid a few gifts to myself in there!


  • Mid century modern ornaments: Handcrafted in a gorgeous wood, etsy seller ScotchAndCream found the perfect complement to your mid century modern home. Decorate your entire tree with these ornaments, either carved to look like ornaments or special items you love, like my favorites, the french press or wine bottle. They also make unique gifts and housewarming presents to show that you appreciate and understand your friend’s taste in architectural styles!

    mid century modern ornaments
  • Geometric vase: Inspired by origami, this collection of vases is really the perfect gift for someone with colorful walls and inspired painting. Who wouldn’t love the simplicity of Studio Armadillo’s designs to showcase special long stems and branches. This same designer had modern geometric dreidels and menorahs.

    mid century desk
  • Mid century desk with custom matching keyboard tray, We all have that friend who dreams of an uncluttered desk, who needs no distraction to write, who likes things just so. Each desk is made to order in a modern rustic style with the Japanese wood burning technique Shou Sugi Ban. Gardelli Furniture has a holiday sale happening now, and you could get your order before the new year!

    mid century desk
  • Knit Christmas Stockings: I love this classic look of the knitted reindeer with monogrammed names for hanging by the fireplace. Legend says that stockings were first created to give a dowry to the daughters of a poor family. They were too proud to accept charity, but St. Nick found their newly laundered stockings hanging by the fire and filled them up there! Nowadays, you’re more likely to find that special item of jewelry inside this elegant sock.  

knit christmas socks

  • Christmas mantle garland: Boxwood roping is ideal for a low maintenance addition to your garden whose clippings are also wonderful garlands and holiday wreaths. Their roots trace back to European heritage, and some American estates even boast boxwoods that were first planted or tended in Colonial times. If you don’t have time to grow your own before the big party, etsy has options for ready made creations (I love the square design) or just the plant itself. Grab some wire and ribbon, to make your own special wreath! It might just inspire you to add more of this beautiful leaf to your garden.

    christmas mantle garland


For more evergreen gifts, this original painting “Hilly Meets Holiday Harbor” would be a great addition to your friend’s blank wall that’s just been aching for adventure. For the traveler, collect their favorite experiences in this 50 States Photo Map. For the book lover, who wouldn’t spread these library pillows all over their libraries? I could continue. But then I’d max out my credit cards.

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