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Get to Know the Soothing Design Style of AD100's Brigette Romanek

Written by Kelly Weimert on Friday, August 2nd, 2019 at 11:05am.

Source: vogue.co.uk

Born in Chicago, Brigette Romanek made her way to Los Angeles after realizing her passion for interior design. The former singer and handbag designer's first interior design project was a collaboration with her friend and cofounder of nonprofit Baby2Baby, Kelly Sawyer Patricof. She helped Patricof outfit her Malibu home and has worked as a designer ever since. She now runs a highly successful design company in L.A. - Hancock Design - with her business partner Estee Stanley. 

Romanek’s inventive work has led her to become among L.A.’s most sought-after interior designers. Romanek is entirely self-taught, which may contribute to why her designs are particularly imaginative and compelling. Rather than stick to rigid design rules and guidelines, Romanek says that she’s driven primarily by instinct. She also draws on her years of experience traveling, reading, and curating to create her inspired designs. The result is spaces that appear fresh, timeless, never boring, and always unique. 

Romanek’s spaces are incredibly eclectic while exercising restraint. Her designs are full of personality and thoughtful details, but she’s careful not to add too many layers to ensure soothing, peaceful spaces that are as playful as they are sophisticated. 

To get a feel for this inventive designer’s work, check out some of our favorite Romanek-designed spaces. 


Brigette Romanek Laurel Canyon Home Design
Source: romanekdesignstudio.com

This Laurel Canyon home (her own!) exemplifies Romanek’s penchant for eclecticism. Sensual curves and organic materials combine with the hard edge of black and striking light pieces to create a breezy yet elevated vibe. 


Malibu Residence Brigette Romanek Design
Source: romanekdesignstudio.com

Romanek’s knack for exercising restraint is beautifully showcased in this Malibu residence. Despite its sparse materials, the room is full of personality thanks to its statement-making geometric artwork and black-painted beams, which tie in the chic dining set. 


Brigette Romanek Interior Design
Source: romanekdesignstudio.com

Romanek complements the stunning architectural details of this space, like the molding on the walls and ceiling, with traditional elements, like a kilim rug and vintage bed. And she balances tradition with contemporary accents, like black sconces and a colorful floor lamp, to give it a fresh feel. 


Brigette Romanek Interior Designs
Source: romanekdesignstudio.com

The bold use of an oversized chandelier instantly gives this space an upscale feel, while relaxed leather furniture lends relaxed comfort. Meanwhile, layered rugs ensure the large room retains a coziness factor as a thoughtful lack of treatments allows the beautiful arched windows to shine brightly. 


Contemporary Design by Brigette Romanek
Source: romanekdesignstudio.com

Speaking of chandeliers, this space proves that they don’t always belong on the ceiling. The traditional chandelier hanging from a standalone rack elevates this minimal, contemporary space with dynamic visual intrigue.


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