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Explore San Diego Through its Food During Restaurant Week

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 at 2:38pm.

Here at Nook, we have a passion for people, places and properties. There is a reason that we say people first, for what makes a neighborhood special if not the people who live there? Welcome to #TastemakerTuesday, where we’ll feature the visionaries in our favorite nooks who are dedicated to building a better community through their talents.

I don’t know anyone who needs an excuse to visit San Diego, but if you’ve been waiting for one, January 21-28 is Restaurant Week. That means that over 180 restaurants offer special deals on menu items - some starting as low as $10 for two-course meals or $20 for three courses. Don’t underestimate the deliciousness that can fit into a course: The Shores touts Sesame Coriander Salmon, Wild Shrimp, Jade Pesto Risotto as just some of its special menu all week, and most of your dining options include brunch, lunch or dinner.

Restaurant Week began in 1992, when Jim Zagat and Joe Baum hit upon the idea to offer lunch options at reduced rates to entice those visiting New York City for the Democratic Convention. Many of these guests were journalists and eager to try new places. It grew from there and more cities came on board, with restaurants teaming up with local chambers of commerce or other community organizations to decide how long Restaurant Week will last. Regardless of the name, some span an entire month!

Restaurant Week is hosted by the California Restaurant Association, San Diego Chapter, who also donates thousands of dollars to local charities at the end. Past years have seen the American Red Cross, the Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Back and Mama’s Kitchen as beneficiaries of their generosity. Besides the charitable impact, many cities report higher hotel bookings and measurable increases in website searches or new customers every year of the event. From a quirky experiment just over 15 years ago, Restaurant Week has turned into a lifestyle for some elite eaters. It’s also become a keen opportunity for food bloggers to try an assortment of dishes at a breakneck speed and eateries to attract new customers through their doors.

Start by simply searching for the cuisine in neighborhoods you’d like to explore. You can also filter by price or type of food to make a reservation in advance or search by which participating restaurants are closest to you. When you find your favorite taste in San Diego, pop on over to our app for advanced algorithms to show your favorite architectural styles for sale within minutes of finishing your meal. There’s nothing quite like being able to see high quality restaurants from your front deck. 

Of course, we have our favorites. In Little Italy alone, there is Bencotto, Argentinian stylings in Puerto La Boca or Monello, the “naughty little boy” who brings you food straight from the streets of Northern Italy.  We also suggest that you pop over to the Snake Oil Cocktail Company for a specialty drink from mixology experts.

Every single nook in San Diego has its charms, and during Restaurant Week you can one new neighborhood every day!



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