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Elias Tebache on Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 at 5:00pm.

How does it feel to enter a mid-century modern home? Nook’s resident expert, Elias Tebache, has ideas:

“I believe that a home has to provoke some type of emotion at first sight and has to be functional and that's exactly what these homes are. There is an overwhelming joy when stepping into a mid-century modern home: the open flow, natural light, and just overall function of these homes is something to be desired.”

Maybe it’s because the mental health benefits of letting sunlight into your home have been proven, including better sleep, a more positive outlook on life, help with symptoms of autoimmune diseases, and even lessening of Alzheimer’s syndromes. Most of these result from maintaining a normal circadian rhythm, allowing your body to fall into its instinctual twenty-four hour cycle.

Elias fell in love from the moment he was introduced to a mid-century modern style when studying architecture in college. He says this style “caught my attention because of its simplistic approach and outside of the box thinking. The architects of Mid-Century Modern were breaking the rules at the time: open concept, walls of glass, simplistic yet purposeful design.”

Post-WWII, innovative architects opened people’s homes to a marriage of natural light with interiors, of the indoors feeling as nurturing as the outdoors, a welcome respite from rationing and combat they’d just experienced. Joseph Eichler pioneered the style in California, where it thrived in both upper class and suburban environments.

Elias believes that its signature open ground plan is one of the reasons why mid-century modern homes appeal to so many: “I don't think there is a specific type of person these homes are ideal for. If you’re single and like to entertain, they're perfect with the open concept design. You're married and have children? Great, the walls of glass allow you to see your kids roam through the yard. You have a dog? Fantastic, let them bask in the summer sun through the glass walls. Again, some architects designed their homes differently but they all had the same purpose, to be enjoyed while living in them. They are truly functional homes that serve every purpose one looks for and more.”

When asked to name his favorite architect within this style, Elias answered that it’s “a toss up between A. Quincy Jones and Edward Fickett.” Many architects contributed their own flair to the mid-century modern, such as John Lautner, Charles Goodman, Donald Wexler and Richard Neutra; so many, in fact, that there’s a term for a home mistaken to be an Eichler. They’re called “Like-lers!”

If he did have to choose, then Elias does see a predominant interest in this style by “a lot of creative types: artists, musicians, architects, engineers and designers. There has been a huge spike of people that are learning, enjoying and appreciate what this architecture style has to offer to their way of living.”
That’s one reason why he appreciates Nook’s Search with Style website and app feature. “I saw a real void in the marketplace as I noticed the frustration of my clients in sifting through unwanted listings to find architectural gems,” he says. “Nook and its Search With Style® solution leads us directly to the homes my clients want, saving time and giving us an important advantage in securing these coveted properties.”

If a mid-century modern home is your ideal nook, contact Elias at 310-770-2976 or etebache@nookrealestatecom. You can also #SearchWithStyle here or on our iPhone or Android app.

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