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Image source: thehandandeye.com

A-Frame Architecture History

Simple, striking, and entirely unique, A-Frame style architecture is nothing if not unforgettable.

Prior to becoming popular in the United States, A-Frame houses could be found throughout Europe, China, and the South Pacific Islands where they were designed to be purely utilitarian structures, coveted for their low-maintenance and durable design. Then, in 1934, architect Rudolf Schindler built the first modern take on an A-Frame vacation home for costume designer, Gisela Bennati, bringing the unique style to the states.

However, it wasn’t until the 1950s and ‘60s that the style really took off. The post-WWII economic boom afforded disposal income to many, with the wages for an

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From striking Eichler-inspired dwellings to bird-friendly Malcolm Leland designs, a growing number of home design enthusiasts are extending their love of beautiful homes to the beautiful birds outside their windows.

If you haven’t seen many modern birdhouses before, you’re in for a treat. These homes are so stunning and elaborately designed, you’ll wish you could shrink yourself down and nest in them yourself. No matter your aesthetic and unique style sensibilities, you’re sure to find a stunning complement to your exterior with one (or several) of the unforgettable birdhouses below.

Sunnyvale Birdhouse ($299.99)

Featuring bamboo wood and viewing windows accented with geometric metal screens, this stunner was designed by Douglas Barnhard with

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Image source: Wikimedia.org

History of Tudor Architecture

Dating back to 15th-century England, Tudor style architecture is historically transitional, incorporating elements of Gothic and Renaissance architecture to create a style uniquely its own. The name Tudor comes from the fact that this style was initially developed during the reign of Tudor monarchs like King Henry VIII. This period was particularly peaceful and prosperous for England, affording many landowners the opportunity to construct additions to their estates and build brand new manor houses in the style. By the mid-16th century, though, Tudor architecture largely fell out of popularity with Elizabethian architecture taking its place.

Tudor Revival


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Summer is officially in full swing, which means plenty of backyard barbecues, long days lounging by the water, and new and uplifting interior design trends to refresh your space for the season.

Summer interior trends tend to be brighter, bolder, and more uplifting than their seasonal counterparts, and this season is definitely no exception. From botanical accents to breezy color combinations, if you integrate the following ideas into your aesthetic, your home is sure to be a whole lot happier this summer.

Botanical Prints

Plants have a special knack for infusing life and movement into a design, but if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, they can be a pain to care for. Enter: the botanical print trend.

From bedspreads to wall art to

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Colonial-style homes made their American debut in the 1600’s and remained popular through the 1800’s. Most evolved from the original American Colonial-style favored by the British when they settled here, importing their English style architecture with them. Despite the Colonial’s British roots, as people from other parts of Europe moved to America, they brought their own distinctive architectural style, too. The American Colonial evolved, and its style redefined and reflected the changing multi-cultural population. Just as there were 13 original colonies, there are just as many Colonial architectural styles. Today, many versions of Colonials are found around the country, including: American, first period English, Georgian, French, Early Classic Revival,

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Images courtesy of NateBerkus.com

If you were an Oprah fan, or binge on HGTV and design magazines, then you know Nate Berkus. An international home décor style-icon and a major influencer in the contemporary lifestyle space, Berkus is a star among stars. So, how did he reach this such status and capture hearts across the world?

Early Style

Berkus’ design roots run deep. His mother, Nancy Golden is a skilled designer who appears on HGTV and DIY networks. Design was always Berkus’ passion, too. After high school, Berkus lived in Paris interning for French fashion designer, Dominique Aurientis, which fostered his appreciation of fine design. Later he launched into his design career.

Pivotal Style Moments

An interior designer in Chicago since

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The Mid-Century Modern style is one of our favorites. Why? It's an iconic style centered around bringing the outside in, and eliminating the walls between your living and outdoor spaces. So, it’s no wonder that the Mid-Century Modern backyard has become a key piece of Mid-Century design. As you prepare for summer with this year's latest interior design trends, be sure to check out our tips for designing and furnishing your Mid-Century Modern backyard.

    • There's nothing easier to complement your interior seats and provide a comfortable seat outside than butterfly chairs, and you can find them in all colors and price ranges to fit your needs. You can even make your own vintage butterfly chairs with just a little effort.

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Image Source Basekino.co

Mid-Century Modern Architecture

AKA: Modernist architecture, modern architecture

Many factors went into the development and popularity of the style we now call Mid-Century Modern. Mid-Century homes were generally built between 1945-1969, and when a post-war country yearned for simplicity, open air, and a place to raise a family, the Mid-Century Modern design gave them all they desired and more. These homes could be built with more inexpensive materials and thus were affordable for WWII vets, many of whom found themselves entering the laymen’s workforce for the first time. While we often associate Mid-Century Modern with interior design and furniture, the term reflects a major architectural style as well. Here are the key

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It’s almost officially summer, so now's the time to make sure your home has the latest looks for the season. From fun color treatments to old-trends-made-new, here are some ideas for bringing the summertime right into your interior design.

    • Try removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper is an easy and flexible way to spice up a room. If you haven't heard of this before, it's just what it sounds like - wallpaper that you can install and remove whenever you want, sans the trouble of regular wallpaper. Rhiannon Gillis of Amber & Honey Design Company even created a go-to list of the best kinds of removable wallpaper for your next project.

    • Sweeten a room with ice cream colors. What's better than ice cream on a summer day? House
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Ranch style homes have a lot of appeal, but after more than 50 years of existence, they can also bring a lot of baggage. If you’re lucky, your ranch home may only need some pick-me-ups to make it perfect. If you’re not quite as lucky, you may have layers of renovations and home improvements concealing its beauty. So what are some quick fixes to opening up your ranch home? Whether you have a big budget or just want to start small, here are Nook’s tips to taking advantage of that indoor/outdoor, open layout we know and love about the Ranch style.

Ranch Renovation Tips

    • When in doubt, remove a wall. If a Ranch home does not allow air and light to move freely throughout, it's not doing its job. Do you really need a separate dining area? We
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