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Cycle with Style

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Friday, May 18th, 2018 at 2:45pm.

May is National Bike Month, today is National Bike to Work Day, and we want to help you celebrate in style! Did you already read our story on the benefits that biking brings to neighborhoods, including commerce, safety and healthier lifestyles? Are you one of the thousands who attended an event on biking or tried to bike to work this month with encouragement from your community? Now we’ll show you how to integrate the same style you bring to your home search and design to enjoying cycling around your favorite Nook Neighborhoods.

  • Find the closest bike path to frequent. They're often right under our noses, or beside trails we already tread, but bike paths can take you through beautiful natural scenery, to places you may have never seen before getting on your bike.

  • It's not all shine and tight pants. A lot of stereotypes around cyclists come from visions of unflattering views from your car. Yet much of the cycling wear is made for comfort and easy transition off the seat and into a local shop, even patterned so that it's hard to tell what material you're wearing.

  • You can always bike in style. No front baskets or bulky pedals here: just a sleek look to match how much healthier you feel with your newfound freedom and options for getting around town.

  • It isn't just for you. Different kinds of bicycle wagons allow your kids or pets to travel with you. My favorite is this Virtue Gondoliere because the wagon is in front, so you can see the wee ones and stay as safe as can be!

  • Vintage is cool and always in style. This kitsch atomic age design is just one of many that transport you to another time and place while you run your errands. Who wouldn't want a mid century companion on the trail?

There are so many great reasons to welcome more cycling into your life. Now you know you can do it with style!



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