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Celebrate Halloween by Booking a Room in One of These Haunted Hotels

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 at 11:05am.

Source: thesun.co.uk

With Halloween just around the corner, a lot of us are engaging in all kinds of ways to add a little more fright to the season. And while annual haunted houses and hayrides are great for a manufactured scare, some of the braver among us are looking for the real deal.

If you’re one of these brave souls, then you might consider checking into a room in one of the following hotels. Largely believed to be among the most haunted in America, these hotels are sure to give you a memorable experience of the spookiest variety. So, go ahead and book a room… If you dare.


The Roosevelt Hotel - Los Angeles, CA

The Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood Haunted Hotel
Source: shesonthego.com

If you prefer your ghosts to be of the famous variety, then book a room at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Established in 1927, the hotel has seen many a celebrity walk its halls, dead and alive, including Marilyn Monroe. Guests have reported seeing the actress make an appearance in a full-length mirror in Suite 1200, where she lived early on in her career. Meanwhile, other guests have said they saw Montgomery Clift hanging out around Room 928, while a psychic has reported detecting Humphrey Bogart, Betty Grable, and Carmen Miranda wandering the halls.  


The Driskill Hotel - Austin, TX

The Driskill Hotel Austin Haunted Hotel

Established in 1886, The Driskill Hotel is widely known as one of the most haunted places in the United States. Legend has it, for reasons unknown, two new brides committed suicide 20 years apart in the bathtub of Room 525. A little girl is also thought to have lost her life after trying to chase a ball down the grand staircase, with some reporting that they can hear her giggling throughout their stay. Lastly, the hotel’s namesake, Colonel Jesse Driskill, who built the hotel and shortly thereafter lost it in a card game, has been reported to roam the halls and leaves the smell of cigar smoke wherever he goes. 


The Ellis (formerly known as The Winecoff Hotel) - Atlanta, GA

The Ellis Winecoff Hotel Atlanta Haunted Hotel
Source: wtop.com

The Ellis in Atlanta was once The Winecoff Hotel, which opened in 1913. When it opened, it was famous for being completely fireproof thanks to its steel structure protected by concrete. However, on December 7, 1946, a fire broke out that ended up killing 119 of the 304 guests that were staying there that night. For many years after that, the hotel remained vacant until new owners decided to reopen it as The Ellis. Today, guests have reported smelling smoke and hearing screaming in the hallways, and the fire alarm will occasionally go off at 2:48 am, the time of the suspected 1946 arson. 


The Oxford Hotel - Denver, CO

The Oxford Hotel Denver Haunted Hotel

Built in 1891, The Oxford Hotel is the oldest hotel in Denver and it’s believed to be haunted by two separate people. The first is a woman named Florence Montague who went to her boyfriend’s room to discover him in bed with another woman; she promptly shot him before taking her own life. To this day, many men who stay in Room 320 have reported a force taking the sheets off the bed and pulling at their arms. Additionally, a post office worker was on his way to deliver Christmas presents when he stopped at the hotel’s bar, Cruise Room, before disappearing. Since then, bartenders have reported seeing the ghost of a man in a post office uniform muttering about giving gifts to children. 


Omni Homestead - Hot Springs, VA

Omni Homestead Hot Springs Virginia Haunted Hotel

Built in 1766, Omni Homestead is one of the oldest hotels in America, so it has had ample time to accrue some resident ghosts. Rumor has it that in the early 1900s, a young woman was set to marry a man in the hotel who never showed up to the wedding. The bride-to-be was so upset that she committed suicide in her room. Since then, guests have reported seeing her ghost roaming around the 14th floor, occasionally stopping strangers to ask for the time, hoping it’ll be the time that her would-be husband arrives.


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