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At Nook Real Estate, we’re all about style. That’s why we invented Search With Style, the first app that lets you search for your next home by architectural style - by more than 20 architectural styles, in fact. While we try not to play favorites, we’ll admit we have a soft spot in our hearts for modern and Spanish styles - which is why we love our new listing at 27571 Vista De Dons in Dana Point’s Capo Beach neighborhood.

While this beach-close home is modern at heart, it artfully melds other styles throughout its 4 bedroom, 3 bath floorplan that spans more than 2,400 square feet. Coastal/island influences complement the contemporary chic ambiance with lush tropical landscaping and the use of rich, dark wood flooring and doors. Brilliant Spanish tiles on

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In an exclusive story, Dwell.com today shared the news that Nook Real Estate's groundbreaking new app - Search With Style® - allows house hunters to search for their next home by more than 20 architectural styles with ease and accuracy. Focused on the hottest real estate markets in California, Nook's Search With Style® solution for mobile and web, uses proprietary algorithms and innovative coding, plus real-life curators, to ensure that your results are more accurate than ever before. Read the full story and download the app now!

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This is one of our favorite weekends of the year. Not just because summer's started, but because Dwell is in the house, literally and figuratively, for Dwell on Design L.A. and, of course, Home Tours! The Nook Real Estate team is stoked to experience some of the most modern abodes in the City of Angels and to celebrate design with Dwell this Saturday and Sunday, June 25 and 26. We're loving the lineup (see below).

Visit https://la.dwellondesign.com for more information. And, if you're looking for your own modern or contemporary nook in Los Angeles, the

Nook Curators have put together our own lineup of the most fab homes for sale in L.A. - just click below!

Dwell on

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At Nook Real Estate, we’re always on the hunt for the best homes in SoCal. Not just any properties, mind you. We look for “nooks” with unique architecture, unparalleled vibe factor, in the best locations. A bit of history helps, and adaptive reuse takes it up a notch.

Which is why, when Nook’s Downtown LA expert David Hernandez got the inside scoop on The Catalina (www.thecatalina.la) - an incredible adaptive reuse project set to start later this year in DTLA - we had to share.

The Catalina project (completion expected 2018) will bring new life to a beauty of a building that was built in 1923 as the headquarters of the Catalina Swimwear Company. The company commissioned the six-story Neoclassical building from architect William Douglas Lee, who would go on

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It would seem to be, if you follow the logic that, when Shaheen Sadeghi is buying into an area, it’s at least worth a (long, hard) look. The news broke this past week that Sadeghi, the mastermind commercial real estate developer behind The Lab and The Camp in Costa Mesa, and the Anaheim Packing House (in Anaheim, of course) had entered an agreement with the City of Garden Grove to build retail, office, cafe and market space near the Civic Center complex. Working title: The Cottage Industries Project.

According to Garden Grove’s City Manager, the concept is to create a small, mixed-use cottage community. Perhaps the coolest part of the deal, in our eyes, is the adaptive reuse component. Sadeghi’s company, LAB Holding, will be restoring existing residential

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If you love interior design (who doesn’t?!) and you’re on Instagram (who isn’t?!), then you know Brooke Wagner (@BrookeWagnerDesign). This OC-based interiors designer leads her eponymous firm, Brooke Wagner Design, and works not only in SoCal, but across the country, creating beautiful, livable spaces that we all love (and, to be honest, envy). Her style has been variably described as “fresh, current and timeless,” “modern yet cozy,” “including vintage rocker edges,” “warm, beautiful and comfortable” and “creative, fresh, and up-to-date, yet classic and traditional.”

That’s one of the things we love most about Brooke’s work - it’s not one-note. Instead, she creates a symphony of style across all architectural genres, whether she’s working within the

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At Nook, we love architecture and design as much as you do. We know how important it is that your home not only be in your favorite ‘hood, but also that it have just the right style and vibe. That’s why we invented an app that lets you - for the first time ever - search for properties for sale by style…by more than 20 styles, in fact! It’s called Search With Style and we know you’ll love it. Aside from the advanced algorithmic details (which we won’t bore you with), the Search With Style® app is powered by real people. We call them Nook Curators. These interior designers, architects, and tastemakers live and breathe architecture and design, and each of them reviews our site to make sure that your Search With Style® results are accurate. So you won’t get a

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When it comes to eco-friendly homes, “going green” isn’t just a trend, it’s an expectation. More than ever, buyers are demanding homes that offer energy efficiency for sustainability as well as the cost-saving benefits.
Nook Real Estate specializes in representing properties and people that keep Mother Earth in mind, and one of our founding agents Evan Little is a National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Green-designated agent and received the prestigious EverGreen Award in 2011.
“Eco-friendly homes are about more than the environment – they're also about providing safe, healthy havens for families to live,” explained Evan. “When you consider all of the environmental, financial, and even lifestyle benefits of a more sustainable home or community, 'green

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It only takes one rush hour trip down the 405 or 101 to realize that Southern California is a region of car-obsessed commuters. Many residents spend a significant part of their day driving to and from work, secret shortcuts are hotly debated between officemates, and the horror of a bright red screen on Google Maps can inspire panic in even the most seasoned drivers.

After contending with Los Angeles and Orange County’s extensive web of freeways, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of Southern California homebuyers are looking to live in neighborhoods that offer walkable access to day-to-day errands.

Enter Walk Score, a patented methodology designed to measure the walkability of your next home.

For each address, Walk Score analyzes hundreds of

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You love historic properties. You love maintaining and beautifying your home. And you love saving money on taxes. Sounds good, right? We thought so! If you own or are in the market for an historic home, you’re going to want to read up on the Mills Act, which could save you up to 50 percent on property taxes if you qualify. To get you started, we’ve got the *NookNotes version (think of it as inspired by SparkNotes!) with the top-line details you need to know about the Mills Act below. Read on for more information!

What is the Mills Act?

Adopted by the California Legislature in 1976, the Mills Act gives local governments the authority to grant property tax relief to owners of qualified historic properties, including owner-occupied and income producing

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