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If you love interior design (who doesn’t?!) and you’re on Instagram (who isn’t?!), then you know Brooke Wagner (@BrookeWagnerDesign). This OC-based interiors designer leads her eponymous firm, Brooke Wagner Design, and works not only in SoCal, but across the country, creating beautiful, livable spaces that we all love (and, to be honest, envy). Her style has been variably described as “fresh, current and timeless,” “modern yet cozy,” “including vintage rocker edges,” “warm, beautiful and comfortable” and “creative, fresh, and up-to-date, yet classic and traditional.”

That’s one of the things we love most about Brooke’s work - it’s not one-note. Instead, she creates a symphony of style across all architectural genres, whether she’s working within the

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At Nook, we love architecture and design as much as you do. We know how important it is that your home not only be in your favorite ‘hood, but also that it have just the right style and vibe. That’s why we invented an app that lets you - for the first time ever - search for properties for sale by style…by more than 20 styles, in fact! It’s called Search With Style and we know you’ll love it. Aside from the advanced algorithmic details (which we won’t bore you with), the Search With Style® app is powered by real people. We call them Nook Curators. These interior designers, architects, and tastemakers live and breathe architecture and design, and each of them reviews our site to make sure that your Search With Style® results are accurate. So you won’t get a

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When it comes to eco-friendly homes, “going green” isn’t just a trend, it’s an expectation. More than ever, buyers are demanding homes that offer energy efficiency for sustainability as well as the cost-saving benefits.
Nook Real Estate specializes in representing properties and people that keep Mother Earth in mind, and one of our founding agents Evan Little is a National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Green-designated agent and received the prestigious EverGreen Award in 2011.
“Eco-friendly homes are about more than the environment – they're also about providing safe, healthy havens for families to live,” explained Evan. “When you consider all of the environmental, financial, and even lifestyle benefits of a more sustainable home or community, 'green

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It only takes one rush hour trip down the 405 or 101 to realize that Southern California is a region of car-obsessed commuters. Many residents spend a significant part of their day driving to and from work, secret shortcuts are hotly debated between officemates, and the horror of a bright red screen on Google Maps can inspire panic in even the most seasoned drivers.

After contending with Los Angeles and Orange County’s extensive web of freeways, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of Southern California homebuyers are looking to live in neighborhoods that offer walkable access to day-to-day errands.

Enter Walk Score, a patented methodology designed to measure the walkability of your next home.

For each address, Walk Score analyzes hundreds of

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You love historic properties. You love maintaining and beautifying your home. And you love saving money on taxes. Sounds good, right? We thought so! If you own or are in the market for an historic home, you’re going to want to read up on the Mills Act, which could save you up to 50 percent on property taxes if you qualify. To get you started, we’ve got the *NookNotes version (think of it as inspired by SparkNotes!) with the top-line details you need to know about the Mills Act below. Read on for more information!

What is the Mills Act?

Adopted by the California Legislature in 1976, the Mills Act gives local governments the authority to grant property tax relief to owners of qualified historic properties, including owner-occupied and income producing

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Jeff McClure was driving to work from his Anaheim Hills home when he took a side trip through Old Towne Orange and spotted a house on North Pine Street. A postcard from the past, the one-story, Mediterranean-revival charmer had a set of prim, arched windows. The porch overlooked a cactus garden.

He took his wife, Kathy, to check out the house, and her reaction was swift. The couple had spent a year searching for a home in the community. “Make an offer, make an offer,” Kathy McClure urged.

The McClures wasted no time, paying the full asking price for a nearly century-old residence in splendid condition that still has its original oak floors and vestiges of a carriage porch – where a horse and buggy once arrived.

Orange County’s historic homes are hot, but new

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Looking for a new and better way to buy and sell residential real estate in Orange County? Now there’s an innovative, next-generation brokerage that delivers, thanks to the launch of Nook Real Estate.

Just a stone’s throw from Google’s regional headquarters, Nook Real Estate (NookRealEstate.com) brings together some of the region’s most respected real estate professionals…but it’s more groundbreaking than that. Nook Real Estate has more in common with its tech neighbor than with other residential real estate companies. That’s because like Google, Nook Real Estate’s platform is based on the power of search - which is critical for a residential real estate brokerage, as between 84 - 94 percent of homebuyers use the internet to search for homes

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Here at Nook, we don’t just love selling houses, we also adore architecture. Working on great properties in Irvine reminds us just how iconic William Pereira, Irvine’s Master Planner, was. His architecture is rooted in his love of science fiction (Architect Magazine referring to it as an “it-landed-from-Mars approach”) and has an inherently futuristic but modern feel: stark, expressive, bold in its restraint, looking to the future.

Many feel that Pereira has never been given his due in architecture history, particularly his contributions to the Los Angeles landscape, many of which are now slated for redesigns. He was much lauded in his time, as one of only fifteen architects to grace the cover of Time magazine, for instance. Pereira’s cover was called

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When Nook Experts match a buyer with their dream home, the only thing as important as architectural style is the neighborhood. Luckily, each neighborhood in our regions has its own distinct flavor, and it won’t be hard to find your perfect match. That’s why we’re bringing you the #NookNeighborhoods series, where every Wednesday you’ll find cool history and culture to make sure you don’t overlook an area that could have the best nook for you.

You can probably guess that a place like Long Beach has some of the best seafood in SoCal, but that’s not all, not by a long shot. Whether you need a classy happy hour to take a client or a brunch for the whole family, you can find it here.

  • Royal Cup Cafe. 994 Redondo Ave.  Regulars have their favorite

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