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7 Interior Design Trends for Winter

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018 at 4:06am.

Image Source: foodnetwork.com

If you’re looking for compelling ways to refresh your interior, you’re in luck! With winter just around the corner, there are quite a few new interior design trends coming with it, providing the perfect inspiration for updating your space for a new season. And the beauty of these trends is that they’re highly adaptable, so they can be applied to virtually any aesthetic.

From warm neutrals that increase your home’s coziness factor to sumptuous curved couches that invite you to relax the day away, the following trends are sure to make your home happier and more inspired this winter.

Vintage Scandinavian

Scandinavian Design Trend Ideas

The chic, minimal vibe of the Scandinavian design trend that’s had so much traction in recent seasons is getting a nostalgic update. Think sleek silhouettes and organic materials paired with mid-century designs and retro hues, like this office space from Nordic Design.

Navy Everything

Navy Wall Color Powder Room Design

The light and bright hues of summer are taking a back seat to deeper, richer colors, like ultra-popular navy, in the cooler months. Navy’s popularity is good news for all design enthusiasts because it’s highly versatile, so it works with any style sensibility. From adopting a few navy accents to painting your powder room, like this design from Oliver Simon, the navy possibilities are endless.

Warm Neutrals

Calm Cozy Vibes with Warm Neutrals for Winter

Speaking of colors, another trending change on the horizon is regarding neutrals. Warm, inviting neutrals, like beige, camel, and cream, are taking the place of the cool-toned grays and blues that have seen so much popularity in recent seasons. Adding these hues to your home is a no-fail way to up its cozy factor while providing warm, calming vibes, like this space shared by SF Girl by the Bay.

Artisan Decor

Neutral Artisan Woven Basket Design

Handcrafted, artisan decor is going to be big in the coming months, and it just so happens to be a stellar complement to the warm neutral trend. Opting for conscious, handcrafted homewares, like these woven baskets shared by Domino, is a killer way to infuse your design with more texture and welcoming warmth.

Black on Black

Contemporary Black Kitchen Cabinets Design

Black has been a popular trend for quite a while now, and by most accounts, it’s only going to be bigger in the coming season. This versatile hue adds edge and definition to any space it’s in, and it pairs beautifully with any color. Consider adding it to the kitchen to create compelling, contemporary flair, like this space from Honestly WTF.

Curved Couches

Retro Modern Curved Couches

The retro feel of curved sofas is making a modern comeback this winter. Not only do curved sofas add more movement to a space, but they also add function. Their shape means that they’re naturally oriented for conversation, allowing people sitting side by side to easily chat and look at one another. Plus, they look cool, as evidenced by this space from Inspired Interiors.

Marble Materials

Marble Countertop Design by Blakes London

Looking for a way to make your home instantly feel more luxe? Look no further than the marble trend. This luxurious material is timeless and sophisticated while providing a cool balance to the aforementioned warm neutrals and artisan trends. You can invest in a brand new marble countertop to make a big design splash, like this stunner from Blakes London, or simply add a few marble accents for a subtle hint of glam.

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