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7 Eco-Friendly Homes to Inspire You to Go Green

Written by Kelly Weimert on Friday, April 19th, 2019 at 4:06am.

 With the global population continuing to grow and resource consumption at an all-time high, we’re putting a great deal of stress on Mother Earth, which is leading to very real consequences. The good news is, there’s a lot that each of us can do to reduce our carbon footprint and work to create a healthier planet, and more and more people are looking to their homes to help. In fact, most Modern+Contemporary architecture incorporates eco-friendly designs, recycled materials, and advanced technology to create energy-efficient homes that reduce the impact on our environment.

In honor of Earth Day coming up on Monday, April 22nd, we’re featuring some of the most beautiful homes that combine stunning style with eco-friendly designs.



Ecocapsule House Green Home Design

Featuring a built-in turbine and solar-electric energy systems, this award-winning home epitomizes green design. The egg-like shape allows for dew and rainwater collection, while filters ensure collected water is safe for consumption. Even better? The home costs just around $90,000 and can be shipped, airlifted, or towed to any place you desire.


ZEB Pilot House

ZEB Pilot House Energy Efficient Green Home

This experimental home runs the gamut of sustainable technology, featuring a rainwater collection system, solar thermal panels, and an efficient heat exchanger. In fact, its solar panels and energy-efficient design mean that the home can produce almost three times the amount of electricity it requires, simply by existing.



Tighthouse Air Tight Efficient Green Home

Aptly named, the Tighthouse is a nearly air-tight home and the first certified Passive House in New York City. The home boasts two solar thermal panels to generate hot water and solar PV panels to reduce grid electricity requirements. And an efficient heat recovery ventilation system means its air-tight design always receives plenty of fresh air.


Caterpillar House

Caterpillar House made of recycled shipping containers

Who knew that a house comprised of 12 recycled shipping containers could be so stunning? In addition to recycled materials, the home boasts a passive cooling system that uses cool Andes Mountains air in lieu of air conditioning to reduce its carbon footprint.


Passive House

Passive House Heat Efficient Green Home

This home is so well insulated that the whole house can be heated using only a hair dryer. Cedar siding allows the house to absorb heat from the sun while trees planted strategically around it offer sun exposure in the winter and cool shade in the summer.


Waste House

Waste House Green Home Made From Waste

This home might not appear extraordinary at first glance, but 90% of it was constructed from household and construction waste. More than 20,000 toothbrushes, 2,000 floppy discs, 4,000 DVD cases, and 2,000 used carpet tiles comprise the home’s facade, demonstrating that “waste” is in the eye of the beholder.


Taslimi Residence

Taslimi Residence LEED Platinum Green Home with Earth Tube

Designated a LEED Platinum home, this stunner employs all kinds of sustainable practices. An “Earth Tube” mechanical duct cooling system brings air into the home that’s 5 degrees cooler than outside temperatures without using a refrigerant. Meanwhile, a passive solar wall absorbs heat from the sun during the day and releases it in the evening to reduce heating energy load.


If green's your thing be sure to check out all Modern+Contemporary homes for sale before your next move, or contact us to get in touch with a Green Home Expert who can help you find an energy-efficient home near you.

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