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6 Affordable Items to Make Your Kitchen Way More Organized

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 at 12:00pm.

Source: popsugar.com

Whether you’re a cooking aficionado with more herbs, spices, and sauces than you know what to do with or you’re simply working with less square footage than you’d like, the kitchen organization struggle is real. Being that it’s one of the most high-traffic and functional areas in the home, a disorganized kitchen isn’t just an eyesore; it also makes your daily life harder.

The good news is that there are quite a few affordable goodies you can invest in to maximize your space, organize your items, and make your kitchen much more functional and exhale-worthy. Check out a few of our favorites below.


Double Your Cabinet Space

pantry shelves

Most kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves don’t maximize their space as much as they could, leaving a ton of unused space above the items you’re storing. Enter: these stackable organizers from Amazon. Investing in a few of these affordable organizers will double your space and make your cabinets exponentially more functional and manageable.


Add Some Drawer Organizers

drawer organizers

A lot of people use drawer organizers for silverware without realizing that they can be used for so much more. These customizable organizers from The Container Store can organize everything from kitchen scissors to cupcake holders to measuring spoons, ensuring that all of your items have a proper place.

Incorporate Fridge and Freezer Containers

Most refrigerators feature a couple drawers for produce and stop there. Rather than cram the rest of your items wherever they’ll fit, purchase a few of these organizers from Home Depot in various sizes to give all of your food items the homes they deserve. 


Tension Rod Your Cleaning Supplies

If you’re currently cramming all of your cleaning supplies under the sink, chances are you’re not maximizing the space as well as you could. Hanging your supplies on tension rods, like these from Amazon, not only affords more room for your items, but it also makes it much easier to grab what you need when you need it. 


Prettify Your Pans

pantry pan organizers

Big, bulky, and typically non-stackable, pans are some of the hardest kitchen items to wrangle into order. Unless, of course, you opt for an organizer like this one from Amazon. These customizable wire shelves store your pans (and cutting boards) horizontally to save space and prevent them from knocking into one another, prolonging their lifespan.

Corral Your Containers

Similarly to pans, food storage containers are notoriously difficult to organize and keep track of, but not with this ingenious little organizer from Amazon. If you pop one of these in a drawer or cabinet, you’ll immediately eliminate chaos and never have to waste time trying to find the right lid and container match again.

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