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5 Tips to Hosting an Open House with Style

Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 at 3:08pm.

You’re looking to sell your home, looking around at all the steps you need to take, everything you must prepare. With most home searches starting online nowadays, is it really necessary to have an open house? Considering that an open house is how 50% of new home buyers found their dream property, Nook Experts say yes!

So how can you prepare for the big day? We have some basic tips for making the best impression on potential home buyers!

  • Curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal. This is the first thing anyone would say. Take a good and objective look at your front yard and door. You see them every day, so it’s easy to gloss over the imperfections. A new mailbox, new numbers or coat of bright paint on your door does wonders towards inviting people inside with a smile. That’s a great start to viewing a house.

  • Put half your stuff in storage. This includes books! Then find a lovely modern way to showcase what’s left. When potential home buyers arrive, they want to imagine themselves within your home, not know all your favorite literary choices since college. Help them out and make the place look sparse and sharp. Pro-tip: if you want to brighten a corner sparingly, check out our tips on refreshing your home library.

  • Give your pets a holiday. All the packing and moving around could worry them anyway, so calm a pet’s anxiety by finding and sending them to a pet getaway. They’ll appreciate the gesture and your attention won’t be divided. Plus, that gives you plenty of time to get rid of all their fur as you…..

  • Do a deep clean. With a successful open house, this will be the last time you need to budget this expense, and it’s worth it. Every house looks brighter and more valuable when a professional cleaning service has done their magic. Bonus: your last days in your home are spent even cleaner than before!

  • Above all, get out of town. Take the opportunity to try that new restaurant you’ve been hearing about, or explore a new area of town. Let the new buyers envision their own life in your home and not the other way around. Let your Nook Expert do their job. Keep it professional; keep it clean, and above all, keep clear.

Don’t try to arrange multiple showings around your family’s schedule; let a Nook Expert host an open house with its own sense of style and , just one more unique feature when you enlist our Curators to Sell With Style©.



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