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5 Instagrammers to Follow for Interior Inspiration

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018 at 4:07am.

Photo credit: @WR36 via Twenty20

Designing and curating an interior is often equal parts exciting and overwhelming. On the one hand, creating a space that’s reflective of you and your style sensibility is a fun prospect that's full of potential. On the other hand, the infinite range of furniture, decor, and aesthetic options can make the task seem nothing short of impossible.

Thankfully, the digital world we live in provides plenty of help on the design front. A lot of people turn to Pinterest when they’re looking for decor ideas, which is a great option, but Instagram might be even better. Rather than present you with thousands of photos based on a keyword or two, Instagram allows you to really dig deep into styles and aesthetics by following interior designers and enthusiasts through the entire home design journey.

From new insights into what it means to subscribe to a mid-century aesthetic to unique, tough-to-find decor options, following these Instagrammers is a great start to creating the home of your dreams.


Interior Design Inspiration Instagram Account @SunnyCircleStudio

If you’re a fan of playful patterns and cheerful hues, look no further than the feed of Erin Wheeler. Her style is as charming as it is uplifting, and amid all of the color is a calming throughline of clean simplicity. Featuring a range of compelling ideas in the way of accent lighting, furniture arrangements, and wall decor, her feed is every bit a worthy follow.


A post shared by Erin Wheeler (@sunnycirclestudio) on



Interior Design Inspiration Instagram Account @CitySage

Anne Sage’s chic and contemporary style is perfect for those who appreciate clean lines, sophisticated color palettes, and unique furniture. You’ll find a lot of black and white mixed with warm neutrals as well as an array of rich textures, like velvet and faux fur. And just when you think you have her figured out, she’ll throw a totally unexpected pattern or piece of decor into the mix to show you just how far her talent reaches.


A post shared by Anne Sage (@citysage) on



Interior Design Inspiration Instagram Account @TheDesignChaser

Michelle Halford’s keen eye for pared-back styles that are full of personality creates a feed that’s utterly indispensable for minimalists. Expect to discover a smattering of mid-century pieces and organic materials mixed with structural furniture and decor arrangements for looks that evoke the biggest of exhales.


A post shared by Michelle Halford (@thedesignchaser) on



Interior Design Inspiration Instagram Account @AnnaBode

This Denver-based design studio flawlessly merges elements from nature with subdued color palettes to create warm and welcoming spaces of all kinds. You’ll gain insight into how to use texture to elevate simple styles as well as tricks for adding sophistication in unexpected places. One look at this sophisticated-meets-playful nursery should be all the convincing you need to click the follow button.


A post shared by ANNABODE (@annabode) on



Interior Design Inspiration Instagram Account @ispydiy

Eclectic, colorful, and impossibly charming, Jenni Radosevich’s feed is perfect inspiration for anyone who’s unafraid to play with color and texture. Her designs are overflowing with feel-good vibes, featuring unique pieces of decor paired with uplifting hues and compelling finishes for designs that’ll elevate even the darkest mood. Even better, she’s a DIY expert, so you’ll get lots of tips for how to make design magic with your own two hands.


A post shared by Jenni Radosevich (@ispydiy) on


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