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5 Common Design Mistakes That You Should Never Make

Written by Kelly Weimert on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 at 4:06am.

From pared-back minimal styles to dynamic, maximal aesthetics, there are infinite ways to design an interior. However, no matter your style sensibilities, there are a few common errors that people make when designing their homes that leave them looking unfinished, chaotic, and uncertain.

Now, we’re not talking about mistakes regarding style preferences—interior style is totally subjective and there’s no right way to execute it. Rather, we’re talking about general problems around factors like size, scale, and vision that can hinder the overall impact and feel of the space.

If you avoid the following pitfalls, then you can bet your home will look a whole lot more polished and cohesive for it, regardless of the particular aesthetic you subscribe to.


Not Paying Mind to Scale

Balance Scale Using Plants as Weights
Source: @antiquefarmhouse

Scale is among the most important factors to consider when designing a room. If you buy a rug that’s too small, your space will feel hollow and cold; if you install a coffee table that’s too large, your room will feel cramped and crowded.

Before you choose hues and styles, make sure the items you’re considering are aligned with the scale of the room you plan to put them in. And there are a number of free and easy home decor apps you can use to make finding the right scale a cinch.


Disregarding Lighting

Open Floor Plan Living Room Tall Ceilings Light Fixtures
Source: artofthearcade.com

A lot of us focus more on lighting style than impact. While we’re always proponents of stylish lighting solutions, if those solutions don’t enhance your room’s vibe then they’re pretty much worthless.

The most important factor when it comes to lighting is having enough of it—rooms that are too dark typically feel heavy and overwhelming. Consider how much natural light you have in a room and incorporate multiple lighting solutions so that you can tinker with its ambiance depending on the mood that you’re after.


Making Hasty Art Decisions

Living Room, White Furniture, Coffee Table Books, Wall Paintings
Source: lcsingleton.com

If you just moved into a new space, then you know the mighty challenge that comes with trying to fill a blank wall with style. But don’t let this keep you from making thoughtful art decisions—nothing cramps a space’s style quite like generic artwork.

Obtaining quality art doesn’t need to be expensive. There are a ton of new and emerging artists on sites like Etsy that are selling prints and original pieces that’ll elevate your aesthetic for a super reasonable price.


Not Letting Go of Items You Hate

Modern Clean White Kitchen Open Floor Plan Living Room
Source: estliving.com

Whether you received a hand-me-down couch from an in-law that feels less than inspiring or a friend gave you a shabby dining table during a move, a lot of us are working with items that we don’t love out of guilt.

However, as you build out the aesthetic of your space, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting rid of items that no longer serve you or your style. Hanging onto these items can look and feel very off-putting, which isn’t something you should endure in your most sacred of spaces.


Not Going With Your Instincts

Cozy Living Room with Personality and Pops of Color
Source: homestolove.co.nz

Many people doubt themselves when they design a home, opting for furniture and decor that they believe others will think looks good rather than what they think looks good. But the best homes are those that reflect the style and personality of the dweller.

Rather than opt for the latest pieces you saw in a trendy publication, which can make your home feel cold and impersonal, choose items that make you, personally, light up. Doing so will inevitably translate into a space that reflects who you are, which will make you and any visitors feel warm, familiar, and comfortable in your home.


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