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August 2020

Found 4 blog entries for August 2020.

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Plants can do a lot more than elevate your aesthetic; studies suggest that they can improve your productivity, make you feel happier and less anxious, and even boost your immune system. But as helpful as they are, they can also be pretty finicky, often requiring very specific conditions to thrive. 

If you love plants, but you don’t have as much natural light as you’d like, then you already know how tough it is to pass up (or kill) all kinds of plants because they need more sun. Well, this new planter lets you say goodbye to your low-light plant woes for good. 

The Uplift Planter by Modern Sprout comes with a built-in grow light that hovers directly over your plants. The full-spectrum light acts just like the sun

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When the outside world seems more chaotic than ever, it feels all the more crucial to organize our homes so that we have a clean, orderly retreat from the chaos. Of course, the thought of organizing an entire home can be an overwhelming one, so it’s key to start small and go at your own pace. Just doing a little bit at a time will yield big rewards in the long.run, especially if that little bit involves these organization hacks. 

From innovative magazine rack uses to a technique that will change the way you fold clothes forever, the following organizational tips and tricks will leave you with an exhale-inducing, Pinterest-perfect home in no time. 


Roll Up Your Dresser Clothes

rolled clothes in dresser drawer
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We have Marie Kondo to thank for bringing

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It’s hard to believe, but somehow it’s already August and fall is just around the corner. In addition to cozier nights and endless iterations of pumpkin spice, one of our favorite things about the beginning of fall are its boundless opportunities for interior updates

Many home brands are releasing their fall lines now to help you get a jumpstart on transitioning your space for the new season, and H&M Home is topmost among them. The retailer recently released a ton of new fall decor products that are equal parts affordable and beautiful. Full of warm neutrals, cozy textures, and classic patterns, the following items will delight minimalists and hygge enthusiasts alike. 


Patterned Cushion Cover, $5.99

black and white patterned cushion cover

This timeless

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From adding warmth and vitality to your aesthetic to boosting your mood and purifying your air, houseplants bring big benefits to every space they live in. But as any plant owner knows, loving botanicals doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to keep them alive. In fact, even seasoned plant parents can struggle to keep their houseplants thriving, especially during the summer. 

If you noticed that your plants are struggling more than usual right now, then you’re definitely not alone. Many people don’t realize that even plants that live inside are affected by seasonal changes outside. 

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to keep your plant friends happy throughout the long days of summer, you just need to apply the right tips and

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