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May 2020

Found 4 blog entries for May 2020.

From improving your mood, creativity, and productivity to purifying the air you breathe, plants are packed with science-backed benefits that can enhance your quality of life. Not to mention, they have an uncanny ability to improve any aesthetic, instantly adding warmth, movement, and vitality to a look while proving to visitors that you’re capable of caring for another living thing. 

Whether COVID-19 is preventing you from going out or you simply don’t have time to make it to a local plant nursery, there are many online retailers that make buying botanicals a breeze. Of course, not all online plant stores are created equal—you’ll definitely want to shop with a reputable brand that’s known for shipping strong, healthy plants in packaging that will keep

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Image courtesy of Reed Hilderbrand

With the longer, warmer days of summer upon us, many of us are craving more time outdoors. And while COVID-19 makes venturing out to public pools, populated beaches, and busy parks more difficult than in seasons’ past, there’s plenty you can do to your own outdoor space to optimize it for a ton of summer fun—even if said outdoor space only constitutes a tiny balcony or deck. 

The following tips are designed to maximize any outdoor living area, but they’re particularly well-suited to those of us who aren’t working with quite as much square footage as we’d like. 


Think Green

green plant wall on balcony
Source: balconydecoration.com

Studies suggest that being around plants can do everything from improve your mental health to your

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Whether you’re navigating the typical stresses of everyday life or, you know, a global pandemic, most of us are happy to do whatever we can to ease life’s stresses and feel a little better each day. And while activities like exercising, spending time with loved ones, and binging great shows are all popular stress-relievers, many people don’t realize that organizing and decluttering your home can reap some very real, science-backed benefits for your emotional health. 

According to a 2009 study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, a cluttered home was linked to homeowners feeling more depressed than those who live in an uncluttered space. And a 2011 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience offers some insight into this link,

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Source: etonline.com

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and given that most of us are finding ourselves at home more often than usual right now, it’s a great time to give your mom a gift that will enhance her interior and make quarantine a little more comfortable. And thanks to the internet, you can find the perfect last-minute gift without ever leaving home.

From pre-planted windowsill gardens to custom pet portraits, these gifts are sure to make your mom’s home happier this Mother’s Day. 


Floral Press Candle, $15+

floral press candle mothers day gift

With their beautiful, pressed-flower tops and soothing scents, like Garden Tangerine and Palo Santo Rosewood, these candles will uplift any home they live in. 


Self-Care Gift Set, $85

self-care gift set mothers day gift

Self-care is more

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